Viaje Crisol Celebrates it’s 26th Anniversary

I received an invitation to attend a luncheon at Viaje Crisol on Saturday celebrating it’s 26th year anniversary. This was really a fantastic event for me. There is nothing like getting out and being with a part of the community.

I met Senorita Lucy when I first needed to buy some tickets back to the US a couple years ago. She was recommended to me as the best person in the travel business. In the states, I would normally buy my tickets off the Internet after shopping for the best deal.

Here in David, I continue to find that Viaje Crisol is my best resource. As a side note, a friend recently gave me a URL for a website on the Internet and told me that I couldn’t buy cheaper tickets. I decided to make a comparison against my tickets from Viaje Cristol. With my pensionado discount, I saved over $150 on my round trip ticket to the US using Viaje Crisol.

Besides when you live in a city like David you get to meet and know the people who are going to serve you. That creates a personal interaction that can’t be replaced by the Internet.

But, I digress. Back to the celebration. I guess Senorita Lucy does this every year and she has so much fun doing it, I can see why she does. Here is a photo of Senorita Lucy telling about what is in store.

Here she is introducing a lady that was here with a group from Costa Rica that were going to perform some typical music.

Here is a photo of the group performing a number.

This photo contains the lady that accompanied them on the guitar.

Here is a video of the entertainment described above.

After the entertainment, everyone got a plate of typical Panamanian food and a slice of the cake that is at the top of the post.

I can’t tell you how special it was for me to be invited to this celebration. If you are living in Chiriquí and need to make travel arrangements, drop into Viaje Cristol and tell them that Chiriquí Chatter sent you.

Oh, and when you are at Viaje Cristol, walk around the corner and visit La Casona, David’s own museum. Tell Dr. Mario Jose Molina Castilla I said “saludos”.

A map of the area follows:

9 thoughts on “Viaje Crisol Celebrates it’s 26th Anniversary

  1. Don: I looked through your first post on this gem and couldn’t find the directions. Would you mind letting us know how to get there from, let’s say, El Rey? Thanks much!

  2. Don:
    I appreciate your blog more and more each day. You really get around. I have thus far been unable to get my Pensionado discount
    on plane tickets purchased from in the states. Is there a procedure to follow that I do not know about, or should I order through a company like Viajes Crisol from up here?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  3. Don: Indeed you surpassed any expectations about your report. THANKS A LOT!I was really pleased to have you both with us, and indeed things did turn out CHEVERE! Ask Lilian about the connotations of this word. Through the years we have celebrated in many different ways, not only on the anniversary but
    whenever a good occasion comes by., be it a cultural activity or a popular one. Again GRACIAS MIL. Hasta pronto LUCY MOLINA

  4. Hi Lucy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I promise to get the videos posted one of these days, but it may take me a while, As you may have read, I am currently in a “I don’t wanta” mode. 🙂

  5. Don, your posts always brighten our day! Going to visit Mom back in the states (the old country) to regail her of tales of Dolega. Would like to use Lucy as she sounds great! Could I impose on you for her email address? Many thanks and look forward to your Feria pictures – we’re going tomorrow early to avoid crowd and get the pick of the plants!
    Many thanks, Nancy

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