Website Upgrade Status

WordPress has now been upgraded to version 2.2. The Photos migration is complete through the year 2006. The Photos migration is complete through the year 2006.

I can see a couple problems in the Sidebar and the title and will be working to correct those problems.

If you find any photos that do not open or if the Blog behaves different than you think it should (other than the obvious sidebar problem), please drop me a note.

My current Plug-ins appear to need to be reloaded and that will take me some time. The worse problem is that all of my Spanish characters are displaying incorrectly and I don’t see an easy way to fix that except on a word by word basis. UGGG!

UPDATE: My web host was able to change the setting in WordPress and it appears that the majority of foreign characters are now appearing as they should. This is the first WordPress upgrade that I have put in that altered the character settings. I really don’t know what happened.

The Sidebar Plugins I lost were actually Text blocks and I will just rebuild them as I get time.

6 thoughts on “Website Upgrade Status

  1. Aren’t you using UTF-8? Maybe there’s a setting on the main page that’s causing the sidebar stuff to be strange. I thought I saw correct characters in some of the post titles on the main page.

    Naturally, you don’t want to have to recode every special character.

  2. Hi Abe – Thanks for dropping in. Things are looking better. I still have a few problems, But over time they will go away. Poco a Poco.

    I looked those photos of yours just the other day. I always envy you ability to capture the animals as you do.

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