This Is Very Interesting – Part 2

Today I talked to the very nice lady that had sent me the email the other day that I wrote about in “This Is Very Interesting“. She had to do a little creative work to figure out my phone number because I sent it in a way that only a Chase Representative would know out how to contact me. She said she would place a note on my account with contact instructions for Chase if they need to contact me in the future.

Without being asked, she told me that she really didn’t know how they learned of my website, but they are always looking for ways to improve customer service and my post had been brought to her attention.

She gave me her personal direct number to call in case the problem, I had experienced, occurred again. She credited my account with the late fee charge and even put $500 Reward points into my account for the trouble. Now you can’t beat that for customer service.

This has been an extremely pleasant experience. If I remember correctly, some one else commented the other day that they were also having troubles getting their authorization code from Chase Rewards. It is possible that the Chase system is having a problem that is happening randomly. My recommendation is to contact Chase if you are having this problem. I know from experience that some computer problems are hard to diagnose.

Thanks to the lady that contacted me from Chase. You have renewed my faith and your contacting me from a Blog post is still boggling my mind.

8 thoughts on “This Is Very Interesting – Part 2

  1. Power of the press (or in this case, the blog).

    The problem is that if these corporations would hire a few more real people, they would greatly reduce these problems.

    Their getting in touch with you through your blog is indeed boggling.

  2. Don Ray,

    In the event that Chase is monitoring your blog, I want to sound off on their overprotective behavior. I ordered a laptop from Dell this afternoon. Chase blocked the transaction. By the time I found out, the Dell office was closed — color me upset!

    Thanks for the space to rant. I may do the same on my blog.

  3. Are you sure you don’t have a spending limit for a single purchase? That is what happens to me anytime I buy something over a certain amount.

  4. I’ve used the card before to buy computers (at a higher price on the day). Chase just gets overprotective at times. The good news is that the 18 hour delay apparently didn’t delay expected ship date.

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