7 thoughts on “Inauguración Parque De Cervantes

  1. Hi Don:

    I’ve been following the development of this municipal project through your various posts. Do you plan to include a series of photographs of the final project?

    Not being David the main city of Panama, I believe it’s the greatest park improvement project in the country. Good for David!



  2. Hi Omar. Thanks for dropping in. Yes, I will put in photos of the completed project.

    Wouldn’t you know it; I won’t be able to be at the grand opening. I have followed this project from the beginning and if they had been ready sooner, i would have been there.

    Non the less, I will be there as soon afterwards as I can be to show the beautiful park that David has.

  3. If you remember, I’m the guy sitting on the church steps with my bottle of wine. If you want to drop your camera by, I’ll try to take a few pictures for you.

  4. Hi Don,
    The extra flag pole is for visiting big shots from other countries.A couple weeks ago they were flying the C.R. flag.The park guards are using a heavy hand to protect the new park.$50.00 fine for littering.No drunks or other low lifes permitted,and don’t park beside the yellow curbs.

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