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If you remember my post on the 11th (Rant For The Day), I was complaining about my problems with Chase Rewards Visa. Well today, I received an email from a representative of Chase, thanking me for contacting the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase” and that they were researching my problem.

You may be thinking that this is a positive thing, but here is the interesting part. I have never contacted the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase”. The the email included the entire post of Jun 11th. So this tells me that they didn’t send me an email me because off my contacting them; they contacted me because of my rant.

This raises the question of how the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase” learned about the rant. I mean this is only three days after I posted it. Do they have a search engine looking for people posting displeasure about their service, or did an employee of Chase, who happens to read Chiriquí Chatter, forward my rant to the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase”.

I replied with information on how the representative may contact me. Now you have to admit, this is very interesting.

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  1. Or, perhaps, one of your readers ratted you out. 🙂

    The idiocy of attempting to make complicated systems run without people becomes more bizarre everyday. (Or using people on the other side of the world) Hmmmm, weren’t you in your past life a contributor to making this “work?”

  2. This is similar to the HSBC controversial suit against the individual in Panama that “slandered” them on the internet. I believe they were given a $5,000,000 judgment against him, but it is on appeal.

    I am sure one of your readers will have more information than I do.
    Free Speech?? Constitutional Rights??

  3. Don Ray,
    Ask them next time you are in contact with them. BTW, it is hard to imagine they have a search engine looking for disparaging remarks about Chase on the Internet – they would be overwhelmed…

  4. There is a number of companies offering other companies services to watch their name in the media and on the Internet. This ranges from dedicated web portals for consumers sharing their experiences up to search engine style market watch. It is even available to all of us: Google Alerts – your personal intelligence agency, as I would like to call that.

  5. Stephan,
    Color me slightly skeptical. A number of years ago we ran a test trial with such a firm. We also seeded some web sites with negative information to see if the firm would uncover the info. They never found the information on new sites but did eventually find much of the data on established sites.
    A more likely option that Don Ray didn’t touch on is that his email address uses the domain. They have his email address. I suspect that someone checked out the site based upon his email address & found the posting. Like I wrote earlier, I would ask them.

  6. Well, I gave them the method to get in touch with me so I am going to just sit tight for a while. I may call them the next time I am in the US since that will be a toll free call. I will put that on my “To Do” list.

    Tom – in my past life I never worked in the banking side of our business. Granted I was involved with a lot of outsourcing which is what many companies are doing with their call centers.

    Boy am I glad I am not fighting those day to day battles anymore.

  7. Hey Don,

    Kind of reminds me of a post that you, or BoqueteGuide had, with a simple mention of McDonalds in David. Next thing you know every VeggieNut on earth was postiing angry replies about the evils of “McSatan”. Guess it just shows the power and speed of the internet.

    Now, Panama vs. USA in soccer this weekend. A most troublesome decision….

  8. Hi Dan – One never knows whe will generate the most comments.

    Henry – I will look into it. I guess it will require a headset and a microphone.

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