Getting A Little Behind In My Work

I am just like the butcher that backed into his blade and I am getting a little behind in my work. Here it is Tuesday and I haven’t posted my outing to The SteakHouse for Sunday lunch.

Sunday, instead of leaving for a field trip, we just took it easy. We did manage to go out for lunch and wound up at the SteakHouse. This is one of the best Oriental Restaurants in David and by far the most elegant and it is also the largest.

I didn’t take a photo of the outside, but here is an old photo, and I don’t think it has changed much on the outside.

Inside, it looks the same to me. The one thing I didn’t remember was the large TV that shows up in the next photo at the front of the dining area. It was big enough that I could see well from the other end of the room.

I ordered an order of spring-rolls, but they went so fast there is no photo. I was quicker on the shutter finger when the meals came.

I had pork with vegetables and it was as good as always.

The second order was fried shrimp. They were very a nice size and the batter reminded me of a tempura batter. I got a taste and will have to order that some time.

The final order was sweet and sour fish (Corvina), and while I understand it was very good, I did not sample it personally.

The prices were good and the quantity was ample. I was happy and stuffed as were the others. It was just the thing to make one enjoy a nice siesta.

If you haven’t eaten at the SteakHouse, it is on my recommended list. To get there turn at the corner with the Shell station on the InterAmerican highway that is across from KFC. Go to the first corner and look to your right. You should see it and a bright yellow building is hard to miss.

9 thoughts on “Getting A Little Behind In My Work

  1. Well, we wondered when you were going to profile the Steakhouse! This has become our favorite restaurant in David – the menu is extensive (and we’ve never been told ‘no hay’), the quality of food is excellent and consistently well-prepared, the service is excellent and the prices are fair. For large groups, there are tables for 10 available as well as two additional dining rooms. The Steakhouse is at the top of our list.

  2. And if there is anyone that should know the best places to eat, it is the David Shopping Diva. See, I just need to have you feeding me ideas on where to feed myself! 🙂

  3. Don
    we have lived in Boquete for 3 years and have tried every restaurant in David that interests us, the steak house is a good one, good service and food, our pick is a chinese restaurant across the street from house of Gala, the name is orental palace, it is on the corner toward the hotel national, we feel the food is the best in david, the service can not be beat, the staff is the best, and to beat that it is very inexpensive! please try it and take some pictures for everyone!! the large wanton soup especial is my wifes favorate.
    Enjoy it!!

  4. Hi Rodney. It is a good thinng there are several choices. I have never been a big fan of the Oriental. Many like it, but it has only been fair when I went there. For good cheap Chinese, I prefer La Tipica, but that is just me.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  5. Going in the direction of Panama on the InterAmerican Highway, turn right at the Shell gas station across the street from KFC. At your next corner turn right and you should be there.

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