UBUNTU Progress

Each day that goes by, I learn a little more about UBUNTU and become a little more proficient. It has taken me a little time to get so i can operate on photos to post and I still can’t do it as fast as I could in Windows.

This isn’t because of a deficiency in UBUNTU, it is because that GIMP, the program I am using to massage the photos, is so much more powerful and learning the options has been a challenge. From what I understand, GIMP has many of the same capabilities of PhotoShop. I never could afford PhotoShop, so this is a real treat.

I also figured out how to get the spam filter working and it is working better than the one I was using on Windows with Outlook. Yesterday, I worked my way through the UBUNTO Bible and that helped solve many of my problems. Now if I can just get the scanner working I will be in fat city.

5 thoughts on “UBUNTU Progress

  1. Hello Don!
    I had Gimp in Windows and I got grey hair about it, when I tried it working in windows 🙂 Then my son said to me, that it has done more for Linux! I think, it is very good one!
    I have taken UBUNTU to CD, but I have had always something else to do, that it`s still in CD, but some day I will learn it!
    Then I am all the time asking , Don, could you help me 😉
    Nice Sunday evening there faraway!

  2. Don Ray,

    What did you use for SPAM filtering? I’ve just moved everything to Ubuntu and am not sure I have bogofilter set up correctly.

    Another good reference for the GIMP is http://www.gimpguru.org/. I can’t remember if I gave you that link before.

  3. Leena – Yes, GIMP is a pretty sophisticated program. I don’t know how the Windows version compares. I am enjoying UBUNTU. It is very stable and I learn more each day, but I have just scratched the surface.

    Tuxi – I installed Spam Assassin to take care of the spam and I rarely get a piece of spam in my inbox. Over the day the spam folder receives a bunch and then once a day or two I run thru the spam folder just to make sure a valid email hasn’t slipped in. So far, it has only contained spam.

    Thanks for the GIMP link. I can now do all the simple things. Next it will be to learn som of the more sophisticated things.

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