El Rincón Libanés

The plan yesterday evening was to go to Mario’s, but when we got there it was completely full. So the second place that was suggested was El Rincón Libanés. I had been there a long time ago, but it has been remodeled and is an exceptional restaurant for David.

As you can see from the lit sign it was getting dark when we arrived.

Follow me inside and lets see what is on the menu.

The outside of the menu is attractive. I just hope there is something good on the inside.

As you can see from the menu, everything on the menu is Lebanese.

Here we can have some ceviche or salads or some pan pita sandwiches.

I think I am going to have one of the platos fuertes because I am pretty hungry. In fact, I think I am going to order #64, the shish kebak.

I think I will just have water to drink, but I want some flan de la casa for dessert.

While we are waiting for the food, I’ll take a couple more photos. This is the bar you will see as soon as you enter.

The ceiling above where I was standing to take the bar photo, is really nicely done. In fact the entire restaurant is nicely done.

I guess after your meal, if you are feeling really adventurous, you can ask them to fire up the water pipe for you. I think I will pass.

Ok, it is time to eat and here comes my shish kebak.

Another at the table had a #65 and it looked great. I would have gotten a photo, but I made the mistake of tasting mine and I couldn’t put my fork down to take another photo. Based on this plate, I think this may be the place to go for good beef. Plus the seasoning on the meat was outstanding.

I was able to get control and take a photo of the flan de la casa and it was really the way to top off the meal.

While I love Marios, I am glad i got directed to El Rincón Libanés. It was really special last night and I will definitely return.

If you stop in for a meal, tell Samir Ghattas that you heard from Chiriquí Chatter that this was the place to eat in David.

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  1. Hi John – Sorry, I guess I did forget to post the directions. To find it you drive on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes (the road with the Nissan and Mitsubishi dealers), which goes toward the airport, past McDonald’s and it will be on the right side of the road.

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