How To Grow Things In Limited Space in Panama

I know a few people living in Panama that live in apartments like I do and complain that they don’t have enough space to grow things. Well nature in Panama can provide you the opportunity to grow and harvest living things in a limited amount of space. Nothing is impossible. You just have to be careful what you wish for.

5 thoughts on “How To Grow Things In Limited Space in Panama

  1. Hi Don Ray,
    I spent 2 years in the jungles of Panama with no problems and the first month back in the USA, I got poison ivy. I have made several trips back to Panama to visit family with no problems and as soon as I get back to Texas, FIRE ANTS!! ha

    All things considered, I’ll take the botfly over fire ants any day.

  2. Hi Jim and Nena. Personally I don’t get along well with fire ants, but I don’t want some creature burrowing into my skin either.

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