Dental Esthetic Special For June

I went by Dental Esthetic today to make my followup appointment for teeth cleaning. This is a two month followup and and if all goes well my next would be six months. Then if all is continuing to go well, I would move to a nine month schedule. I now have an appointment for next week.

While I was there Dra. Miriam Rodriguez told me that she has two specials running for the month of June (Mes del Padre).

The first special is a two for one cleaning special. For $30 dollars two people can get their teeth cleaned. Talk about a bargain.

The second special is an inter-oral examination using a camera which allows you to see any gum disease problems in your mouth. Also included are six x-rays. This special is priced at $20. She did this on my first appointment and seeing your mouth under this close inspection is an experience.

Finding This dental office has been really good for me. I like the professionalism of Dra. Rodriguez and think the quality of care is every bit as good as the Dentist I had in Texas, which would have cost me a fortune without insurance.

Don’t forget, if you see Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, to tell her that you read about her clinic in Chiriquí Chatter.

11 thoughts on “Dental Esthetic Special For June

  1. Don,
    You mentioned in a previous post that Dr. Rodriguez’ English is limited. As my Spanish is probably even more limited, do you think it would be practical to use her as a dentist? Also, I am not as familiar as you with David, since I live in Boquete. For example, I do not know where the Municipal Building is. Any chance of getting instructions from you starting at the autopista when coming from Boquete? I can always count on your blog to help me learn about David. Thanks.

  2. I guess it would depend on how complicated the problem you want to explain is. If you were to go when I was available I would be happy to assist in the first visit if you are very concerned. She is very patient and does have a good dentist book in English with lots of photos. She is very good and I think it will be worth your effort.

    Let me see if I can give directions from Boquete. Take Ave. Obaldia (street in front of the Super Baru. Continue past the park of the mothers (Parque de Madres) on your right. take the first right past Romeros.

    You will take this street a fair distance I think this is the street that goes by the Municipal Building (on the right). A block past the Municipial Building is the one-way street going right. Take it and get in the left hand lane. In about two blocks you will see a new office complex on the left. That is where you want to be. Her clinic is about the 2nd or 3rd office on the right side of the parking area.

    If you were taking the street going toward the Airport you could turn left at the Mitsubishi Dealer and then left again when you got to the one way street.

  3. Hi Don: I know you prefer sonic cleaning (at least I think that I read that somewhere), but do you know if Dra Rodriguez also does the old- fashioned mechanical scraping-by-hand type cleaning? Neither of us can tolerate sonic and are looking for a dentist (other than “mucho Balboa Halphen”) who will perform the procedure in that manner.

  4. When she cleaned my teeth she used ultra sonic primarily, but also used the mechanical hand tools in some areas. I would imagine that she will do what you prefer. It would be worth asking.

  5. Thanks for the kind offer to help. Right now we just need our teeth cleaned so we can probably handle that. In the future, you never know what problems might happen. Hopefully, by then my Spanish will be better. The two for one special sounds good. Thanks for the directions. I am sure that we will be able to find her. You came through as usual. Thanks for this and all your other helpful articles.

  6. Don, thanks so much for this recommendation. My wife and I both had our teeth cleaned yesterday. We now have a new dentist. It appears that she is just getting established and is looking for clients. We think she is a very capable dentist with up to date equipment and cleanliness that cannot be topped.
    Again, thank you

  7. Richard – thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I have my appointment this afternoon. I have been very impressed and pleased with the quality of my dental care at this clinic.

  8. Don Ray,
    My husband and I had our two for the price of one ($30) teeth cleaning today. Up to date equipment and cleanliness were tops as were the suggestions for dental health that Dr. Rodriguez gave us. My Spanish is not nearly as good as yours, but she had enough English so that communications were not difficult. Thanks again for the recommendation and directions. You have really been a big help to us in getting to know David.

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