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From Blogger to Lurker

I decided today to change my role for, more or less, the next 30 days. I have several things I need to take care of and just thought I would tell you formally that I am going to take a break. I will move from the role of blogger to at most lurker. I will try to respond to emails and comments, if I can, but it is my plan to take a hiatus from my normal posting.

If this is your first time to visit Chiriquí Chatter, then you will have an opportunity to thoroughly go through the archives and link sections. Probably the most thought provoking and informational part of Chiriquí Chatter is found buried within the comments to various posts. I have always felt that it was the activity of the comments that have kept most people returning for another read.

For those of you who have loyally returned again and again to find out what was oozing from my mind that day, I just felt you should have something definite to count on. Today is June 22 and I promise to return at least by July 22.

I know a few of you out there may be wondering if my taking a break is really necessary and, even if a break is necessary, why a full 30 days.

Maybe this little story will is the best way I can illustrate that the break is needed, and 30 days is a bare minimum. Continue reading From Blogger to Lurker

Do You have An Extra PC?

I received the following email asking for assistance:

From: mike cook
To: donray
Subject: Hi Don
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 21:41:50 -0500

I need a couple of computers for the Ministerio de Salud in David. Wondered if you’d mention it as I’m sure there are some usable machines not being used. I posted messages on a couple of group boards but thought I’d widen the net.

Here’s the message I posted:
Neither the abogado or the person in charge of promotion/education has a computer they can use in their work. They need database capabilities and wordprocessing. Standard computer usage.

They do not have to be new but certainly they need to be serviceable. Need monitors too.
These people are in the David office (Minsa near the old Hospital Obaldia) and are officers for all of Chiriqui.

If you have a good computer that you no longer use please consider a donation. If there is a hard drive problem or such, I will see if I can get it operational.

Mike Cook

If you have an extra PC and monitor and would like to help a worthy cause, contact Mike at his email address above.

Cherish each hour of this day for it can never return. — Og Mandino

I Don’t Wanta

By Don Ray Williams
June 20, 2006

I have things to do that I know I oughta,
But I can’t get um done cause I just don’t wanta.
So they’re are sittin in my “To Do” list,
And I’m trying to pretend that they don’t exist.

Have you ever kinda felt that way,
Where nothing is black or white, just sorta gray,
And the day is dreary, not sunny and bright,
And nothin you do seems to turn out right?

So rather than have more things go wrong,
You just sorta drift along,
You drift along and purty soon,
It’s time to eat – it’s well past noon,

But the bread is all moldy and the bologna smells,
So you think a bit and and say “Oh, what the hell”,
I skipped breakfast, I think I’ll skip lunch too,
It just sorta seems like the thing to do.

The more you ponder and contemplate,
The more you think all things can wait.
The best thing to remember when you just don’t wanta,
Is that you will have more opportunities mañana.

The Don’t Wantas

As you can tell from the lack of a post on the blog, I accomplished very little yesterday. In fact “very little” is probably an understatement”. I did try to get Saturday’s video ready to post with no success. While I did accomplish getting it accessible on Linux, it is still too large to upload to YouTube and I don’t want to do it until I get it right. I finally got bored/frustrated with the project and postponed it for a later time. When I get it ready and posted, I will let you know.

I worked some with the GRAMPS project and also accomplished nothing. I think I need to recruit some help when I get to Oklahoma to fill in some of the blanks.

I have a stack of mail that I have glanced at but not opened and filed. I have list of things to get done before next Wednesday and it just got longer yesterday and the list of things completed didn’t change one iota. I guess I am in one of those “I don’t wanta” periods and I need to take a break. When it comes to the Blog maybe this is the equivalent of writer’s/blogger’s block. Nothing quite seems worth writing about, so I am writing about not having anything worth writing about.

I have three books that I want to read, but I can’t seem to open the cover of any of them. There are several movies that have come to Blockbuster that I would like to watch, but I can’t get interested enough to go pick them up. With gas dropping 20 a gallon it would be a good time to go fill up, but maybe it will drop more so I will just wait.

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do so with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. — Og Mandino

Viaje Crisol Celebrates it’s 26th Anniversary

I received an invitation to attend a luncheon at Viaje Crisol on Saturday celebrating it’s 26th year anniversary. This was really a fantastic event for me. There is nothing like getting out and being with a part of the community.

I met Senorita Lucy when I first needed to buy some tickets back to the US a couple years ago. She was recommended to me as the best person in the travel business. In the states, I would normally buy my tickets off the Internet after shopping for the best deal.

Here in David, I continue to find that Viaje Crisol is my best resource. As a side note, a friend recently gave me a URL for a website on the Internet and told me that I couldn’t buy cheaper tickets. I decided to make a comparison against my tickets from Viaje Cristol. With my pensionado discount, I saved over $150 on my round trip ticket to the US using Viaje Crisol.

Besides when you live in a city like David you get to meet and know the people who are going to serve you. That creates a personal interaction that can’t be replaced by the Internet. Continue reading Viaje Crisol Celebrates it’s 26th Anniversary

Zapadora Is On The Internet

The Zapadora

I received an email today from Dianne Heidke, the Supreme Ruler of The Zapadora. I posted a piece on Zapadora right after they had opened in June of 2006. This is a great place to know about if you are wanting some unusual accents to add to your home. I have meant to return, but I keep getting side tracked with other items. There just isn’t enough hours in a day or days in a week, etc. etc.

Diane wrote to let me know that they now have their website up and you can find it at I have added the link to the Chiriquí Chatter Link area.

Stop in and say hello to :

Dianne Heidke
Supreme Ruler of The Zapadora
Poterrillos ABAJO, Chiriqui.

and tell her you found out about The Zapadora in Chiriquí Chatter. If you go let me know if the cappuccino bar is open for business.

130 over 80 and Feeling Great

I had to stop in El Rey this morning and there were medical students from UNACHI giving free blood pressure exams. Who can resist having your pressure taken from such friendly people. My pressure turned out to be 130 over 80. Not bad. Must be this tranquil life I am living.

Here is a photo of the students. The gentleman on the right just had his pressure measure and obviously is fit as a fiddle.

Students from UNIACHI Continue reading 130 over 80 and Feeling Great