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UBUNTU Morphed Itself Into EDUBUNTU

I shut the PC down earlier this even and all was normal. I decided I would check my email just one more time before bed and when the opening screen came up it was EDUBUNTU. I have no idea what happened to make the system think it was the education version.

After I entered my user name and password and the desktop opened up all looks like it did before. All applications are as I left them. Evolution has all the contacts that I had loaded. It just now starts up and shuts down as EDUBUNTU. Another bug to add to the support list.

CanoScan LIDE 20 Not Supported On UBUNTU

It appears that the scanner I have (CanoScan LIDE 20) is not currently working on the latest version of UBUNTU. I found the following thread related to my problem.

I think that is the last piece of hardware I need to figure out how to use before I can consider this move to Linux a success.

If a person is bored then moving from Windows to Linux will take of the boredom. When I get all the anomilys fixed, I will have more time to decide what the problem is with my XP box. I think it is either the disk controller on the hard drive or the disk controller on the motherboard.

At least I am not dead in the water and I am not in a panic about a loss of data.

UBUNTU Seems To Be Running Well

UBUNTU seems to be running well. At the present, I can’t think of anything that I could do with Windows XP that I can´t do on UBUNTU. Of course many things are done differently and those things are taking me time to learn. What is amazing is how much capability I have from a free system downloaded from the Internet.

The word processors that are available seem to do everything I want them to do. I have regained a spell checker in Spanish, which I had lost because one of Window´s upgrades had disabled the thesaurus and Spanish spell checker. The keyboard works a little differently in the international setting and I am still learning how to get some of the punctuation to work correctly. Continue reading UBUNTU Seems To Be Running Well

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

Conversational English Class

This evening I met with Darío Quiroz and some of his students that were having a conversation English practice session, Now and then Darío likes to bring in someone from outside to give the students an opportunity to hear other accents.

Here is the first group I met with along with Darío and another teaching friend of his.

This was the second group.

As always, I had a great time. I hope they also felt that the time was well spent. This is one way that I feel I can give back to Panama something for all it gives me every day.

Gardeners Club of Chiriquí

Another event for you to place on your June 3rd calender:

Gardeners Club of Chiriquí (Club de Jardineria de Chiriquí)
Invites to the
Green Fair
Sunday 3rd of June 2007
At the park behind the Municipio of David.
Near to the Hotel Nacional

More than 15 Plant nursery
Food, beverage & deserts cook and prepare by the members of the
Gardeners Club
Games and activities for Children and all the family

And much more.

Come and join us…

Antonio M. Singh C.
Director General
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Boquete Jazz Festival Febrero 2007
Jazz en Vivo todos los Jueves por M.E.T.O.103.5
Entrega General, David, Chiriquí
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá
Cel. 6618-2929
Llameme por Clarolite:

Gone Fishing Panama Resort

I received the following email today, which may be of interest to many of you:


We, Gone Fishing Panama Resort, are having the first annual Boca Chica Fishing Tournament to benefit the Boca Chica Elem. School on June 2 and 3rd. The 3rd is the prize ceremony. We expect a good turn out and the public is welcome.

I’d like to invite you too. I enjoy your site.

Sincerely, Donna Skinner, owner Gone Fishing Panama Resort / co-organizer of the tournament.


On the PanAm Hwy. look for Kilometer markers 400 and 399 and the intersection. Turn south, (if coming from Panama turn left, if coming from David turn right) look for Gone Fishing Panama Resort sign, go thru Horconcito, then notice the sign for Boca Chica and misc. business sign.. turn left. Follow the road to Gone Fishing Panama Resort, about 16 kilometers, there are signs along the way.

The road is being readied for paving, so it is much improved. (more detailed directions are on our website:

If It’s Not One Thing

You know the old saying, “If its not one thing, then its another”. It appears that some strange anomaly is now attacking my primary PC. This is really strange. It takes forever to boot and then hangs saying some USB drive (none are connected) could not be found and to press F1 to continue. After pressing F1, it comes up, but acts very weird. I can hear it periodically access the hard drive. Another time the HD light stayed on continuously. The PC ran and seemed to do everything correctly, but it is obviously sick.

I spent this morning backing everything up to my external portable hard drive. I have printed a hardcopy of everything on Outlook and will start getting the Linux PC back up to an equivalent state. I am either going to have hard drive problems or the controller on the motherboard is going bad or it is some other strange event happening.