One Step Forward

Well I am sort of up on UBUNTU 6.06. This is sort of a “One step forward and 3 steps back”. I am up with all of the files I had on the previous UBUNTO version so that part is good. Now I have to go through all the hassle of getting FireFox to have the appropriate plug-ins, getting my contact list edited again in Evolution, and I still have to verify that the printer works and that the scanner does indeed work on this version.

I am determined to make this work, but it is going to require a fair amount of work.

As an update,
I have proved that the scanner now works. The other thing I have proved is that the printer no longer works! Grrrrrrr!

3 thoughts on “One Step Forward

  1. Hi Keven. Thanks for going to all that trouble, but I have moved back to the latest version of UBUNTU. I determined that it is the lesser of two evils and I will just have to solve the scanner problem when I have more time.

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