Back On UBUNTU Feisty 7.04

I made the decision to go back to the latest version of UBUNTU (Feisty). To get the LTS Version to perform as well as Feisty was just going to take too much time. While I can live without my scanner until the UBUNTU support team solves their problem with XSane, I can’t live without my printer and that by itself was too much.

So I made the move back and will just let the rough edge drag for a while. Today I got a little bit of appreciation for what Thomas Edison went through. He was asked how he kept going after having so many failures trying to make the first electric light. He shrugged it off by saying they were not failures because he learned many things that wouldn’t work.

4 thoughts on “Back On UBUNTU Feisty 7.04

  1. Hi Tuxi,

    Still I am happier on 7.04 than I was on the LTS version. Oh yes, it appears this bug was put into this version because of Laptop users and a problem of batteries discharging too fast. The fix for the laptops disabled the scanners on desktop PCs.

  2. I use Ubuntu on a laptop at the moment, so your ill fortune is my good fortune. 7.04 is the first version where the key to toggle display for an external display works like it does on Windows without me trying to sort out what the xorg.conf file should have in it.

    I’m planning to move my print server and file/web server to Ubuntu to get off Fedora Core. I hope the HPLIP package keeps the scanner working when I move the file/web server. (The web server is a local server running php, MySQL, etc. so I can test my pages before publishing to the web.)

  3. From what I have been reading, all scanners that are USB driven are affected by this problem. There are solutions such as recompiling the kernel without the offending problems that are cause by the laptop code, but I don’t want to start screwing around compiling kernels.

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