UBUNTU Morphed Itself Into EDUBUNTU

I shut the PC down earlier this even and all was normal. I decided I would check my email just one more time before bed and when the opening screen came up it was EDUBUNTU. I have no idea what happened to make the system think it was the education version.

After I entered my user name and password and the desktop opened up all looks like it did before. All applications are as I left them. Evolution has all the contacts that I had loaded. It just now starts up and shuts down as EDUBUNTU. Another bug to add to the support list.

2 thoughts on “UBUNTU Morphed Itself Into EDUBUNTU

  1. Did you download kids games and educational software? After I installed KDE on my Ubuntu install and made KDE my preferred desktop, my login screen changed from Ubuntu to Kubuntu. Go into ‘System Settings’, then ‘Splash Screen’ where you can control what you see at login.

  2. I have done some extra additions , and that is probably the reason. Thanks for solving my problem.

    I just looked and am having a hard time finding the ¨splash Screen¨.

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