It’s Cheaper to Eat Out Than To Cook.

I dropped off three pair of jeans to be turned into shorts at Sistreria Union ($1.50 each). They will be ready later this afternoon. Since it was about 12:30 and my stomach was thinking that my throat had been cut, I decided we should get something to eat,

Don Sui’s Café (next to Hotel Panama Rey) seemed like a good idea.

Like I usually do when I haven’t eaten there in a while, I ordered Bistek Mongol. I like that hint of hot. It sure opens up my sinuses.

Another had the meal of the day, which was lengua. It also came with a potato salad that I didn’t take a photo of. The meal of the day was $1.75. While the plate was raved about, tongue just isn’t something I want entering my mouth on the end of a fork.

The third ordered Don Sui’s ribs. I understand that they were very good. I wasn’t offerend one, so I can’t verify the claim. 🙁

Another item that I forgot to take a photo of was an order of wonton with sweet and sour sauce. I left stuffed, but very content. Sometimes it is almost as cheap to eat out as cook. It sure is a lot more fun.

5 thoughts on “It’s Cheaper to Eat Out Than To Cook.

  1. $1.75 is an excellent price for a meal! The portions are really generous 🙂 I used to dislike “lengua” until I prepared it myself, It’s delicious when cooked right!

  2. Hi Melissa. Thanks for dropping in.

    I think it is a mental thing not a flavor thing when it comes to me and lengua. 🙂

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