Another Note About Comments

I think I have written this before, but maybe it would be worth writing again. I allow all comments to be posted unless the comment is spam. If the comment is related to the post, it will be posted. WordPress has a built in SPAM detection engine and I also use a “Bad Behavior” plug in.

These work very well and I usually don’t have any problem getting spam posted as a comment. In general I receive around 200+ spam comments a day. However, the SPAM engines are not perfect. Sometimes they identify a comment as spam when it is really a valid comment.

How can you tell if your comment has been accepted? If you post a comment the first time, it will require me to authorize it before it is displayed. This is what happenes 99.9% of the time to first time comments. Once in a while a valid comment won’t go in th the “Authorize” queue, but will go directly to the “SPAM” queue.

Before I delete the spam queue, I try to look at each comment and make sure that it is really spam. If I find a valid comment in the spam queue, I mark it to be de-spammed, and it will appear as a comment. Today I had a comment from Kathi that was in the spam bucket that I had to mark as not being spam.

If your comment has been identified as spam by the “Bad Behavior” plug in, you may receive a message that your email address has been identified as a spammer and it will tell you what to do to get off the master spam list.

In short, if you leave a comment here, you should see the first comment get authorized within a day. If it doesn’t appear in that amount of time, then I may have missed it and you have been identified as a spammer. If you post a comment that doesn’t appear, send me an email so I can research it. Once you have posted a comment and it has been authorized, all future comments should appear immediately, unless you change your email address.

Comments are important to any blogger. They are especially important to this type of blog because they add value to other readers. Keep those comments coming. I enjoy seeing them and it keeps blogging fun for me.

4 thoughts on “Another Note About Comments

  1. Don Ray, I’d like to make a comment, but I can’t think of anything to say. (Maybe I just don’t really have anything to say. Happened once before…)

  2. Don Ray, I use the askismet spam tool. I only receive an occaisional spam e-mail, and AFAIK there haven’t been any false positives. I must go look at the spam folder now.

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