Great Day for Delicias del Perú

Today was a beautiful day and it just seemed appropriate to top it off with a great meal. After a little thought I decided on Delicias del Perú in Boquete. I have never had anything there that I didn’t think was first class.

Today we had a table that was outside facing the beautiful garden view. It looked so pretty that after ordering, I decided to walk down to the lower area and take a photo. I am pretty sure you can see a photo of the area as it appears from where we dined in a previous post. Here is how it looks from the ground level.

As I was walking back I took a photo of the decorative waterfall on the side of the restaurant. From the balcony seating you can listen to the waterfall.

I will caution you, if you walk down stairs that there is a low overhead beam in one area. When I returned, I wasn’t careful and wound up with a knot on the top of my head.

I got back just as the pisco sours (sorry – no photo – I can’t take a photo with a glass in my hand) and the appetizers were coming to the table. Here is the photo of the first appetizer. It was calamari and spider’s legs (squid). Both the squid and the calamari were very tender and the taste (well you just have to try it for yourself).

The second was a potato salad and the sauce was really special.

Then the main courses came out. The last two times I have had seafood, so today I ordered a filet stroganoff. I was not disappointed. The sauce was different than I expected from the name, but it was unbelievable. Spiced just right and with lots of mushrooms. I thought the quality of the meat was good, which was one of my curiosities for the day.

The two other dishes that were ordered were both corvina dishes. The first was smothered in a seafood sauce with a lot of shrimp.

The other was a casserole with a mashed potato boarder.

Everyone raved about what they had ordered.

As always the service was great. Here are the two individuals that waited on our table (Dimas and Warner). Both spoke pretty good English. I guess they are getting a lot of practice.

What a great meal! It was about 4 hours ago and I am still stuffed but very satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Great Day for Delicias del Perú

  1. Hi Ron. Since I don’t go to Boquete often, if I want to eat out, I want the best. In Boquete, I think this is it. It is just a gd thing I can’t eat there every day. I would gain too much weight.

  2. 2 years ago I was at this restaurant. We did not goe back. When now I saw a sign “New owner” I thought let’s give it a try and we went we my fathers in law. The restaurant has now 2 names: Delicias del Peru and Delicias del Carribe. Although it is named Delicias del Carribe it has still the former Peruvian decor.

    The soup was to salty. My meat was completely cooked (I like it medium rare). None of us liked the food.

    Service could be improved considerably. We sat at the only table without napkins. When they served us and I asked for napkins, instead of bringing the red ones made of cloth they brought paper ones. Not everyone had a fork, I had to get it from the next table. They served first the men and then the women. When serving the soup, instead of moving to the person the waitress leaned over the table and spilled it. The menu is in a leather folder of a Rioja winery. But they serve only one South American wine by the glass, for a price I normally buy a bottle at the super market.

    Besides a couple we were the only guests inside. During the whole time there was a TV on with a movie with people shouting and crying, not quite the atmosphere one is looking for for a nice dinner. although it was chilly the door was wide opern the whole evening, which is no problem for me being Swiss, but rather cold for my inlaws from Dolega. At the end I noticed that the included the tip in the bill and calculated the VAT on the tip too.

    Well the owner changed but not for good.

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