Parque Cervantes Update May 11, 2007

I stopped by Parque Cerventes to see how it was progressing. In the first photo you can see the brickwork that has been inlaid through out the park. When they get the park finished and this is all washed down it is going to be very pretty.

I had just taken the photo above when a nice looking lady came up to see what I was doing. She said she was the architect and asked if I liked what I saw. My answer was, “Yes, everything I have see today is most attractive!” Let me introduce you to Osmeida Ferguson.

All of the planter areas have now been completed. Here you can see how they have taken a different kind of plant to make a nice curved design within the grass.

Most of the walkway brick has been put in, but they are still working on some of the brickwork in the theater area. I asked Osmerida when she projected completion. She said the middle of June with the maximum being in July.

Any day I get to take photos in a beautiful park and also a photo of a beautiful architect, I have had a good day!

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

6 thoughts on “Parque Cervantes Update May 11, 2007

  1. Because I am probably one of the great skeptical optimists, I have harbored occasional doubts about the finished product, all the while expecting that you would have an opportunity to capture some real beauty as el parque nears completion. Boy was I wrong/right!

  2. Hi Frank. I have never had any doubts of the beauty of the finished product. I have had a few doubts as to it being finished in my lifetime.

  3. Yeah, bro., the park’s lookin good.
    So’s the architect.
    I’m a big fan of natural beauty and both the park and Osmeida Ferguson lead me to believe that The Architect waaay Up Above does a fantastic job when He really puts His Mind tuit.
    Allen McDonald, El Galloviejo®

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