I Was In Hog Heaven Tonight

I was out this evening about 6:00 and trying to think of where to eat and it hit me. MARIO’S! The three of us headed that way to test the restaurant I wrote about here.

We arrived at Mario’s and sat outside.

As you saw from the menu on the other post, there are a lot of things to sample. Since I wanted to try several things we ordered a medium Bandeja Mexicana (Tacos, Burritos and Nachos)

Here is what came out.

It was so good, I think a few close-ups are called for. This is Mario’s version of Mexican food and he has a new fan.

This must be the nacho. It was absolutely outstanding. I loved it!

This must be his burrito. I loved it too!

There were two types of taco. One was cheese and one was with meats. I loved them also. Both kinds were soft tacos.

He had a green hot sauce that was very good and some red salsa that was great also.

In the center was a tostado covered in lettuce, salsa and tomatoes. I loved it!

What more can I say, I will be going back. There are plenty more things I want to try.

A good friend had told me that the Brochete de filete is “to die for”. If you happen to be in David after 4:00 PM and need to put something in your belly, you now have my recommendation of a great Mexican food place. It is not TexMex, but it ranks as the tastiest food I have had in some time.

While we were there, Mario came by the table to say hello. I told him I would be back and I would bring more people. If you drop in, tell him you found out about his restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

Here is a Google Map to the restaurant’s location.

12 thoughts on “I Was In Hog Heaven Tonight

  1. I looked at Sofia`s photos and I think, I miss her too :))
    Her eyes are like hot chocolade, I wish her all the best .
    Our trees have started to get a little green now.
    Take care!

  2. Hola Don,
    Kim and I will definately make Marios one of our first stops when we return in June. The food looks great.

  3. Hi Leena – Thanks for the comment. Yes she is a real cutie. Glad your weather is turning everything green. Take lots of photos.

    Hi Ron – It was extremely good. I was very hungry, but I don’t think that had anything to do with my evaluation.

  4. Well, this is PanaMex and not TexMex. If it had been advertised as TexMex I would have measured using different taste buds.

    By my standards, this was very good tasting food. I bet as PanaMex this is about as good as it gets.

  5. Hi Don,

    With all your your restaurant “reviews”, it might be helpful to have a list of your recommendation in the Links section.

  6. Hi Jeff. I will consider your request, however from my experience a recommendation is only good for months at the most. Cooks change, restaurants go out of business, and quality may not be consistent.

    Also, tastes in food is sometimes a personal thing. When I write up a restaurant, I sometimes find out that I am in the minority of liking or disliking a particular place.

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