Sofia Visits La Barranca

My last time to visit La Barranca was a year ago yesterday. I don’t know why that strikes me funny. There must be something in the air that causes me to head that way this time of year. Of course today, I thought that Sofia would enjoy seeing the birds, and that was why I thought I went. However now that I see that I was there almost one year to the day, I wonder if there was some other reason that took me there.

This parrot was staring at Sofia almost as intensely as Sofia was staring at him.

The Peacock was strutting his stuff, but he never spread his feathers.

There were a couple of other small birds that amused Sofia.

This was the one that Sofia liked the best. She just couldn’t figure out how come he wasn’t yellow like Big Bird on Sesame Street.

There is a nice walkway that takes you down by the water, but I thought it would be safer to just take a photo from afar.

Here is a swing set that caught Sofia’s eye and we tried it out later.

Now it is time to go in and order something to eat. Walking around with a young one can sure make you hungry.

On the way in to the restaurant, I noticed one of the Peacock’s feathers. Nature sure has a nice way of decorating.

We ordered and the first thing to come was the salad. It was simple but very tasty.

While I was waiting for the main course to come I took a photo of coconut decoration they had. This is the way many folks get their first coconut tree. They drive around until they find a coconut that has fallen and has sprouted. Some people look for ones nest to dwarf trees because the fruit will be closer to the ground when they start producing.

I ordered the New York steak. It was a very good flavor and even tender. Not bad for $6.00.

Now little Natalie ordered the Churrasco. To give you an idea of its size, the metal platter it is sitting on is close to 12 inches. I should have taken a photo at the end of the meal, because Natalie had managed to do herself proud and ate the WHOLE thing. The steak was $5.00. Watching Natalie eat it – priceless.

We ended the meal with the Flan de la casa. Yummmmm!

This was our sweet little waitress (Isis). She wears her smile nicely.

That is all for today, however Sofia says if you want to see some funny animals and have some good food she recommends La Barranca.

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  1. And you can see the whole world by more open eyes again with adorable Sofia! Greetings to her and her family!
    I have been ridiculous with my blog experiments, but now with last snowing, I have got finally an answer, which is good enough, coming back to I publish now and then during summer.
    I wish you happy days!

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