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I have had a couple emails lately about putting something in about pets. Being a big pet fan, I guess the only reason I haven’t done that is because I have been without a dog for the last three years. In fact I think that is the longest I have ever not had a dog in my life. If I ever get a place that can handle a dog, I will get another. Still I can relate to the questions that all pet owners have and will put this in strictly as a start, and would like all those living in this area to comment with their experiences (good and bad) on the subject.

Melo Pet and Garden is a store where you can buy most things for pets. I didn’t go inside to take any photos, but from what I remember, they had all sorts of feed, cages for birds and pet toys. To get to Melo, if you are on the one-way street that runs past Cable-Onda going toward Oteima, just past the corner for Oteima on your right you will see Melo. I know there is a Melo in Boquete as well, but I don’t think they carry as much for pets.

If I remember right, Melo also can find you dogs and maybe other pets, if you are in the market to buy one. I seem to remember them having a book of contacts that they used for various breeders. You will also see postings in Super Baru for dogs that people have for sale.

When I was in Cochez a while back, I also noticed that in part of their new expansion, they had put in some things for pets. Of course you can find pet food and some toys at all large super markets.

If you need a veterinarian, the only one I have had experience with is Dr. Jorge Gomez. As I said, my experience was three years ago, and I have no current experience. I have seen other signs for vets, but don’t remember where. To get to the Don Henry Clinic, if you are driving on the main street (Ave. Obaldia) toward down town, turn right at the corner by Romeros in Dolegita. About a block or so down this street on the left side of the road is the clinic.

Just today, I received an email from a person who has a new parrot (with worms) and needed an avian vet. I don’t have the answer for the writer’s question, but maybe someone reading this will have some experience to share.

I will add a little commentary about buying a parrot. I know that a lot of people move to Panama and get enthused about getting a parrot. It must be something about being in a tropical environment. Let me encourage you to get a book (I am sure the BOOKMARK has one) about parrots before you pick one up from one of the fellows standing along the road. Here is my concern. These types of birds will live a long time (50 to 80 years for the larger birds). Once you take them out of the wild they loose their ability to survive in the wild any more. Therefore if you get one, you have taken on a large responsibility.

As I said, this post is really just a thought generator. If you have some information related to pets or pet doctors, please feel free to share it so that others can benefit.

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  1. The DoIt Center also has a large pet supplies area. You are right the Melo in Boquete has a smaller supply than the one in David. Pet food and pet supplies can be found there along with the Agro store just up from Romero’s in Boquete.
    P.S. We have been very satisfied with Dr. Gomez!

  2. I bought a young Panama Amazon. It was sick. Inquiring I found a Dr. Crispo who lives in Volcan. Phoned him at 64807273. He said he would return my call when he got home. Didn’t naturally. I called him at 8:45 and took the bird to his house. He said my bird had an intestinal tract infection and gave me 5 days supply of antibotics. He charged $10.00. Dr. Crispo I think works out of his vehicle in Bogaba, David and Volcan.

    On another subject where is the pet stores located in David. I need some bird seed. Most places selling seeds have old seeds that I don’t want to feed my bird.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Robert. On the last question you asked I believe if you read the post you commented on it gives the directions to Melo.

  4. Don, I’d like to inform your readers that we have periodic spay and neuter clinics in Volcan. These are directed at the pets of low-income Panamanians, but everyone is welcome. (There are also periodic clinics in Potrerillos and Boquete.) Our top-notch vets come from Panama City and Costa Rica. Unlike any of the local vets, ours are trained in small-incision and pediatric surgery – performed on dogs and cats as young as eight weeks of age. Early age sterilization is much easier on the animal. (For anyone who still subscribes to the notion that an animal should go through one heat – or have one litter – please contact me and I’ll refer you to numerous web sites that explain the safety and advisability of early age sterilization; there have been 25+ years of research on this.)

    Sterilization is the ONLY answer to the large population of unwanted, diseased, and starving dogs and cats. Euthanasia and/or adoption can never keep up. In 7 years a female cat and her off springs can be the source of 420,000 kittens. In 6 years a female dog and her off springs can be the source of 67,000 puppies. Unless your dog/cat is totally confined and unable to continue the population increase (AND the spread of venereal disease, which is rampant in dogs in Panama), please do the humane thing of having them sterilized!

    Our last clinic in Volcan was August 12th, in which we sterilized 73 animals in one day. And this was with only two vets! Please see my web page at http://www.spaypanama-chiriqui.org/Sixth.html Included with the pictures is one of a venereal tumor being removed from a male dog. The picture is gory – but this is a very real problem in Panama and people need to be informed about it. (We find and remove at least one tumor at every clinic.) These tumors are eventually fatal to both male and female dogs. They often go unnoticed until they are very advanced.

    Our next clinic in Volcan will be on November 25th. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

    Dottie Atwater – viajar2566@yahoo.com

  5. A P.S. to my message about our spay and neuter clinics:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, do not ever BUY a dog. Buying dogs simply supports puppy mills, and there are so many wonderful dogs that need a home, whether they are street dogs or up for adoption. The “mutts” make the most loyal and loving pets. My husband and I have adopted 11 street dogs ourselves. See http://tinyurl.com/22v5st

    There are often dogs for adoption at the Boquete clinics; or see http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/boqueteanimales/

    Dottie Atwater – viajar2566@yahoo.com


    Panama is NOT a cat-friendly country. I’ve lost count of the numbers of kids I’ve stopped from torturing cats with rocks and sticks. It just makes me sick; cultural differences be damned!

    It is impossible to find really good cat food in Panama. Our cats eat Wysong and other organic foods which do not exist in Panama. Neither does good, safe litter.

    It is also prohibitively expensive to order food and litter so we stock up on return trips to the US and have friends fill suitcases with good food and litter. We’ve tried the BARF diet three times with our cats; they do not like it–if it doesn’t come in a bag making a rattling sound, they will not eat it. I also would be hesitant to try raw food in the climates outside of the few “cool and foggies.” And people food they won’t eat either.

    In a pet store, you will see aisles and aisles of stuff for birds and dogs; nada, nunca for gato-as.

    All that being said, vet care is pretty good. But there are no alternative care vets here either; our vet in the US was an acupuncturist/herbalist/homeopathy/etc person, in addition to regular “vetting.” Many vets come to your home versus having to take your beloved one to an office. We feed about eight feral cats and have had many of them fixed–the ones we can catch.

    SpayPanama folks are my s/heroes! There have been medical clinics for humans alongside SpayPanama “fixing” clinics. Soo groovy that!

    I have been really impressed with health care and MD’s here; something I rarely say of US doctors and alleged US health care. No nurse midwives here, though, something I really miss for gyne care. I’ve been impressed with the lack of MDeity syndrome in Panama docs. Dr Cesar de Gracia (I’m not sure I’m spelling his name correctly) in David gets applause as does the marvelous wonderful Roque Pinilla in Paitilla Hospital and Clinics. Dr. Charly Garcia for dentistry! YES! and Dr Cruz in Changuinola at Clinic St Isabel. Health care will be one of the few things I’ll miss when we finally leave here.

    The Revd. oonagh Ryan-King
    The Inclusive Celtic Church
    Our Lady of the Rainbow, Panama
    St. Brigid’s parish/Brigid’s Mantle WOMANCHURCH, US

  7. Hi. Mr. Williams,
    I am glad to read that Rev. Ryan-King met one of the best physicians in David: Dr. César De Gracia, Internist and Infectologist.
    ( Hospitals: Cooperativo, Chiriqui, Mae Lewis, Regional etc.). He gets our applause too!

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