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If you are not familiar with the term splog, it stands for spam blog. Splogs rarely, if ever, contain anything created by the splog’s owner. In my opinion is a splog. It has a section called Panama Blog Watch where all the entries just happen to be from Chiriquí Chatter.

Granted, this is a variation on a real splog. A real splog has no connection to the originating blog. This one does link to Chiriquí Chatter, if you want to read the entire article. Splogs typically use the “Ads by Google” mechanism in hopes of receiving revenue. To get you to come to their site and they need content. I don’t think this site has any originally created content. It is made up of stuff that appears to have been taken from other sites on the Internet.

This site even had the nerve to plagiarize the name of one of the Yahoo Panama groups. I think this was well thought out also to get hits by people who do a Google search for “PanamaForum”.

I thought I would let you know that this site has received no authority from me to use my material to draw people to its site. This is a cheap site and contains nothing of value that it has created. It is strictly there to make money off other’s efforts. I have yet to see any “Ads by Google” sites there were worth visiting.

7 thoughts on “PanamaForum – A Different Panama Splog

  1. It seems as though their so-called “community” members don’t realize they are being duped. What a joke. However, you, Don Ray, do have a vital and thriving community here. One that is obviously envied.

  2. Unfortunately, blatant theft is one of the more unpleasant faces of the internet. I’ve had a lot of work stolen from me over the years, including web designs I worked hard to create. In fact, just a couple of months ago I saw one of my designs in use somewhere with my name replaced by that of another “designer” claiming credit for my work. About all you can do is complain and request the material be removed.

  3. Hi Winterswolf. You are correct. What you refer to is growing more by the day. It is a shame, but some people just don’t care.

  4. Good morning Don! They do have all your posts there—what a joke. Have you contacted them and asked them to remove your posts? What did they say?

  5. Hi Melissa. No I haven’t. I took a quick look and didn’t see an easy way to communicate with the webmaster and decided it would be easier to just write the piece on splogging. I assume if anyone is really interested in what I have to say, they will eventually find their way here and won’t return to

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