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  1. Some of us may need more help than the Ave. Obaldia info. I traversed Olbaldia from one end (Super Baru) to (I think) the other end (well past where it turns one way) two different times and could not locate Super Stars.

    In the market for a printer, but had no luck today. Maybe a GPS reading???

  2. Today was the day to finish the vetting process for a new printer. I visited Pricesmart (again), Rodelag and Super Stars. PARS Computer across from Super 99 also has a good computer parts and accessories selection and are very helpful.

    The winner was Super Stars. General Manager Senor Nima Salmanzadeh (Cell 6673-2436) was a big help with his english (always nice when you’re dealing with something more complicated than ordering a meal or gassing up your car. He met Rodelag’s slightly lower price and was generally very friendly and helpful. For his trouble he also sold me another UPS to handle Volcan’s notoriously troublesome AC power distribution system.

    Nima was pleased to hear that his store was featured on your blog, Don. The store is right across the street from the Delta gas station on Ave. Obaldia.

    Also nice to know is that he has a well supplied internet cafe in the back of the store which comes in handy when you’re a long way away from your computer and need to check something on the internet. All in all, a very positive experience. Both PARS and Super Stars are recommended.

  3. Hi Rich. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It is good to know that you had a positive experience. INFOX also carries some PC equipment and Alex builds PC to the buyers specification, but Super Stars And Pars have a lot more PC related equipment. For service, Micro Tech probably has the most complete tech service, but typically is a little higher when buying new products.

  4. Don,
    Sir I am in the market for a new tower and I do not know where to look. I did look at superstars and found them to be higher than I had hoped for. I mainly play games, but I do want to be able to go online to Skype, email and peruse the Internet. Do you have any thoughts of where I should look? Thanks and God bless.

  5. Hi Butch. If you want a commercial brand you can look in Plaza Terronal at Panafoto, Audiofoto or Multimax.

    I have also ordered in-house systems from http://www.yoytec.com in Panama City and had good luck

    In David, you can also look at Pars Computers .

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