How I Spent My Time In Panama City

I always am glad to get home. As the saying goes, “home is where I hang my hat”, and for me that is David. Apparently the weather was the same in David as in Panama City. I don’t remember any rain for the entire time I was there.

I took two books to read and only read one. It was “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield.

It was a reasonably good read, but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the way it ended. The ending was a little of a let down to me. The book contains a lot of phycolology and with the exception of the ending I enjoyed the book.

When I received the call from the Canon Camera repair center in Panama City, I started to research cameras to see what replacement might be worth while. If I start something like that, I kind of get lost in the collection and dissection of all the information that is on the net. It makes no sense to pay $240 to repair my Canon S2 (which I loved), when I could buy a new one for about the same price.

After several days, I still haven’t come to any final conclusions. A suggestion was made to look at the Sony H2. After doing a lot of reading, for what I am looking for, it appears to offer enough to be considered. In fact, users give it glowing reviews. This was one of the cameras I wanted to see and hold in my trip to the mall. However, Sony is replacing the H2 and H5 with an H7 and H9 and all of the stores that I went to said they no longer had the Sony because the model was changing. Reading the write-ups on the new Hx models only caused me more dilemmas. One thing I don’t like about Sony is their use of their propriety memory. However, if all the functions fits my needs I am willing to really consider them. Then I find that in the new models they have also moved away from the double A battery format to a proprietary battery that doesn’t provide much battery life. Bummer.

While I was at Panafoto, I looked at the new Olympus 550UZ. It was the first time I had seen this camera and it features an 18x zoom lens. I loved the way this camera felt and looked. It called for more research. While Olympus has done a great job ergonomically, it appears they have botched up some of the technical features. One of the downsides is that you have to use the XD format memory. Just like Sony, I think this is a mistake.

Then they apparently didn’t improve the computer system (which Sony did with the H7 and H9) and many of the functions on the Olympus take a long time. For example, it takes about 6 seconds for every RAW format photo to be stored into memory. Next was a flaw in the movie function. It works perfectly if you don’t want sound. However, if you want sound, then you can’t use the zoom. It is not a cheap camera and costs around $499. With the flaws, I am not sure it is worth it. I really did like the way it felt. Interesting enough, it is priced the same in Panama as in the US. All of the other cameras I saw were much cheaper in the US. If anyone has bought this camera and has any information that says I should keep it on the list, I would like to hear from you.

The last thing I wanted to price was the Apple Mac Mini. This is a good bit cheaper in the US. It is about 25% cheaper if I were to pick it up on a visit to the US.

That about covers it. One book, one mall visit, some Internet research, got to meet Omar (a blogging buddy of mine) and other than that, I just took it easy.

2 thoughts on “How I Spent My Time In Panama City

  1. hi don ray,

    glad you enjoyed your adventure and read in p.c

    i read the book when it first came out about fourteen years ago.

    i was “nagging” frank to read (you know how that went)

    meggie middle child in jr. h.s. read to pacify mom she is now living

    in no. calif.

    i also remember it as a good read but in the last six months or

    so the movie came out and i saw it.

    we are so spoiled by hollywood i was not as satisfied with the

    movie and was intending to read the book again—devine

    intervention! ellen

  2. Ho Ellan. The book was ok. It actually had some real thought provoking concepts wrapped in it and I enjoyed that part. Time to turn it back into the BOOKMARK and get some more.

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