Barberia Union

I went by Janie’s yesterday to get my ears lowered and once again the store was locked. When I called the phone number on the door, it wasn’t answered. This is the second time. Remembering the barbershop I had seen next to the Sastraria Union, I went there. Unfortunately for Yanie, I got a better haircut and it was even 50 cents cheaper.

This was an old time barber experience just like the ones my dad took me to as a kid. Complete with the old time tonic and a cheap price. I am always a little nervous about a new barber, but since I know the hair always grows back, I never worry too much. I just told him I didn’t want it too short (No muy corto – por favor). He did a great job. I will go back.

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  1. I got my hair cut by our barber (we have two. One does buzz cuts only. I only go there in emergencies) and got my hair cut. A Princeton style suits me. Anyway it is almost all done with scissors and the price was $7.00 for senior citizens. I gave him a dollar tip. Most do.
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  2. Hi Abe and Don:

    Abe is getting a bargain in Ohio. I pay $5.00 for my hair cut in Panama and I only have two small hairs to cut.

    Glad to “talk” to you thanks to ChiriquiChatter.

    Best Regards,


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