Dino Barkema’s Website

While I was at PriceSmart this afternoon, I bumped into Dino Barkema. If you don’t know Dino, you should at least have heard of his photo website. On this site you will find photos dating back to the early 60’s in Panama. Dino’s site has over 3,000 photos. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Dino Barkema’s Website

  1. Don

    I’m a former brother in law of Dino. His daughters Lynn and Kim are (were) my nieces.

    I’ve tried contacting him on his photo website but it got kicked back as undeliverable (Sept 2009). Do you happen to know if he has a new email? If you bump into him again, have him contact me. hurnblad@yahoo.com

    Gary Hurnblad

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