Some Good and Some Bad

I have mixed emotions about David’s airport initiating flights to the US. The first flight that has been announced is a Copa flight from Florida to David. The initial flights will be using planes in the 737 class until the runways are enlarged for the larger class planes.

For many, this may be looked at as a good thing. I guess it is something that had to happen, but I am not sure I look forward to this change coming. David has always had a pleasant little airport. Bringing in direct flights from the US will change that and it will begin having some of the same problems suffered by all international airports serving the US.

It can’t help but impact the travelers that are just commuting to Panama City. I haven’t seen any change come that hasn’t brought a reasonable amount of pain with it. Maybe if I had a direct flight to Houston, I would think differently, but at the present, I don’t look forward to the changes that are going to come as a result of these pending changes.

El Chiricano Webzine reported this story which was published in

I hope El Chiricano will give its personal view of what the average Chiricano thinks of this move.

7 thoughts on “Some Good and Some Bad

  1. I was hoping the flights would go to and from Houston – the Miami International Terminal is always chaotic, the carousels never work (or yours gets switched and no timely notification is made), Customs & Immigration lines are very long and very slow. I’ve gone to the Carribbean many times and have always paid whatever it took to NOT go thru Miami………. It may be now that I still pay whatever it takes to go from Tocumen to Atlanta or Houston or LA……….

  2. It could be that they will open up a Houston route after the runways are expanded. Don’t give up hope. I pull for Houston also.

  3. Hi Don, It sounds like it might the start of better connections for David. Right now we take the non-stop from LAX to Tocumen, and by the time we get to Allbrook there is nothing available until mid-afternoon. I also hear Copa was considering service from Tocumen to David. That would be a help!

  4. Hi Dan. I am sure that it is progress. I still am not sure I care for it. I live here and don’t go to the US every other week. Since I go to the US so seldom, stopping over in Panama City isn’t that bad a thing.

  5. Hello Don,

    The original release by Aereonautica mentions Copa handling it:
    US – Tocumen – David & return. Not Us – David directly.

  6. Hi Arnie. You are correct. I was just talking to the President of the Chiriqui Chamber of Tourism and he told me the same thing. His email follows:

    Hello Don, the airport director (Licenciada Esquivel) and I had a meeting about this very important piece of info a couple of days ago, and yes! COPA has confirmed “direct” flights from Miami by the end of the year. The exact route might be mia-pty-malek. The runway does not need to be extended for the COPA 737’s to fly in though. Nevertheless, the money has already been committed by the Panamanian government to add 150 meters to the current runway so that 757’s can land as well. The budget includes expanding the current terminal too…

    We will hold a meeting about this subject in David, and I would like to have some Americans to participate and bring in questions, etc….

    Best Regards,

    Wee-Mingh Fung
    Chiriqui Chamber of Tourism

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