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Are You Thinking About Buying In One Of the Chiriquí Developments?

I have heard that there are over 20 developments going on in Boquete and of course there are more spread throughout the Chiriquí Province. I was talking to someone the other day who said they had come in contact with a person who was here for three days and was chomping at the bit to get his piece of heaven bought. I think this example is more common than I would like to believe.

People with more money than sense are willing to come down here and plop their money down (over a weekend) because they hear that prices are going up and they don’t want to miss out. Well dear hearts, this isn’t like developments in the US where you can take many things for granted. Here you should check multiple times, ask multiple questions and then believe ½ of the answers you receive, especially if they are coming from one that profits from a sale.

If you think you can come down and spend a small amount of time and then return to your homeland to wait for your paradisiacal abode to be built, then you will soon become one of Panama’s groups of complainers. If you are here for a very limited time you will probably be a good target for one of the major developments that are underway (many times just on paper). Continue reading Are You Thinking About Buying In One Of the Chiriquí Developments?

Where Will You Be When The Music Dies For The Second Time?

I was saddened when I learned today that the Copyright Royalty Board made an official ruling in late March that will hike royalty rates by 300 to 1200 percent, retroactive to January 1, 2006.

This irresponsible decision will kill all sites such as Pandora and Slacker. For more information, see the following site which has been put up to explain the problem and give you tools to voice your objection.

We Will Be Awaiting Your Return Hal

I just received the following email from my friend Hal (aka The father of the BookMark).

Going into hospital Monday am, to start radio and chemotherapy; at this point, I don’t know if I will be inpatient or outpatient, but will probably be offline for some time (up to five weeks)…will see how it progresses…on the other hand, I may be bored to tears and write everyone three times a day (I hope).

Hal De Mun

Hal, I can tell you that all of us wish you a safe trip to Panama City and you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will be anxiously be awaiting your return to Dolega. In the meantime, we will try to keep the coffers full at the BookMark by reading a lot of books.

Your friend,

Don Ray

David Pet Stores and Veterinarians

I have had a couple emails lately about putting something in about pets. Being a big pet fan, I guess the only reason I haven’t done that is because I have been without a dog for the last three years. In fact I think that is the longest I have ever not had a dog in my life. If I ever get a place that can handle a dog, I will get another. Still I can relate to the questions that all pet owners have and will put this in strictly as a start, and would like all those living in this area to comment with their experiences (good and bad) on the subject.

Melo Pet and Garden is a store where you can buy most things for pets. I didn’t go inside to take any photos, but from what I remember, they had all sorts of feed, cages for birds and pet toys. To get to Melo, if you are on the one-way street that runs past Cable-Onda going toward Oteima, just past the corner for Oteima on your right you will see Melo. I know there is a Melo in Boquete as well, but I don’t think they carry as much for pets.

Continue reading David Pet Stores and Veterinarians

Getting In The Swim of Things

I don’t know how many times I have driven to the airport and seen this facility hidden behind a large white wall on the left side of the road. Along the white walls it says Pan Deportes, which just told me it that it was associated with sports, but I didn’t know what sport. I always wondered what it was and today I found out.

I guess if I had been clever enough to decipher the entrance, I would have known that this was a figure of a swimmer and what was behind the wall was a large swimming pool.

I walked through the entrance and climbed up into the stands to take some photos. I guess there aren’t many gringos that do that because all of a sudden I got a lot of attention. I will come back to the attention in a minute, but first, let me show you the general layout of the pool. Continue reading Getting In The Swim of Things

I Think I have Fallen For Another

Yes, I think my heart has been captured once more. After a previous love broke my heart, I set out with the thought of once more filling the void that had been created. Changes seem to be harder the older you get and yet we must all continue to change for not changing can only be equated to dieing.

This new love certainly is not the one I had expected. I found enough flaws in the potential relationship, that I had almost discounted it. However the more I have let my mind evaluate all the plusses and minuses, I have decided that this is the one for me. I think the deciding factor was the feeling I had when I had this beauty in my hands. When we were together, I felt new potential. Many things that had seemed far off were now able to come into focus.

One thing that had concerned me was that I thought my new love’s memory was a little slow. Then after more thought, I realized that my memory is not what it used to be either. Maybe memory is overrated. I mean as long as the important things can be retrieved, then that is all that really counts. Besides, everything is slower in Panama.

When I looked at things from a macro viewpoint, I realized that more things really came into focus. Sometimes only after closer inspection, do the real qualities and hidden beauties reveal themselves. I think it may take a good bit of time for me to appreciate what I have found and maybe even longer to adapt to all the new things I will have to learn for this relationship to really work.

Now I am not entering into this without any trepidation. There have been several that have provided warnings and even some that have said that I would be disappointed. I guess I will have to see how things develop. I have to admit that everything hasn’t been exposed to me, but I have high hopes for a longer relationship than my previous one.

I have always been a little shaky when it comes to things like this, but for some reason I feel confident that all will stabilize. I have to confess I was also bowled over by her body. I mean it is so streamlined and all the knobs and gismos are right where you would want them. To this point, I have just barely gotten to touch them, but I look forward to gaining more “hands on” experience, if you know what I mean. I didn’t think I could get so aroused by one of the newer models, but I have been smitten.

Now the deal hasn’t been actually consummated yet. She is currently in Panama City and I will probably have to go there to retrieve her. I hope she isn’t gone before I return. While there is still some opportunity for this to all fall through, if you promise to keep this between you and me, I will give you a glimpse of this beauty. Remember that this is still only a dream on my part. Continue reading I Think I have Fallen For Another