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What Is it?

Yesterday I was brought this fruit from Costa Rica. It is shaped like a pear. In Costa Rica it is called a Manzana de agua (water apple). I haven’t tried it so I can’t describe how it tastes.

Are you familiar with these? What is it called in Panama? I know the first word, but not the second. The first word is Marañon.

C&W Performance Is Bad Today

I have had exactly 2 weeks of pretty good service from Cable & Wireless. However, today they are back to providing less than 25Kbps bandwidth again. I hope this is a temporary problem. I have one neighbor that has ordered Cable Onda, so I will get another benchmark to see if Cable Onda solved their old problem. If so, I may start thinking about switching again.

Happy Trails

The other evening, at the David Gringos get together, I was talking about one of the most interesting people I had met in Panama. I thought I had written about him in this blog, but in a fleeting senior moment, I guess had forgotten to do that. This morning I went back to some of my archives and found this entry I had written when I had met Gunter.

One of the most interesting people I met was Gunter Wamser from Germany. What made him so unusual was that he and his companion were on their way to Alaska. Their trip had started in Argentina. Now that in itself might cause you to say “so what, that’s not so interesting”, but they were traveling on horseback. He said he figured he was about half way there and I think had been on the road for three years. I will include his website so you can find out where he currently is.

It has been some time since I had thought of Gunter, so today I went to his site to see where he was in his journey. I was saddened to learn from his last entry, that the journey has ended. It seemed that entering the US with animals had become an impossible task. None the less, the trip that he did make is still amazing.

When I met Gunter in Boquete, Barbara and Liesel (his dog) were accompanying him. This is his report from Panama. His adventure is incredible even though he didn’t accomplish what he set out to do. To read parts of his site you are going to have to translate it from German. I hope you enjoy reading about Gunter’s adventure and as Gunter said “Happy Trails”.

Sometimes I Need Some Prodding

I guess I have really acclimated to doing things manaña. I took a large portion of my annual physical about 6 months ago. The only thing I didn’t get finished was getting the physical exam of the prostrate and the “turn your head and cough” part. I wasn’t too worried because I had the lab work done last year for PSI and it was fine, but without the physical check, you are never quite sure.

It is a little different getting my physical checkup here than it was in the states. There I would go to my general practitioner and he would check everything. Here the general practitioner may only request the laboratory tests and then you need to see a specialist for the physical part.

Today I went to see Dr. Khayam Arias at Hospital Chiriquí. As you can see from his card, he is an urologist and the type of doctor that checks the prostate.

You will be happy to know that after his prodding, I was deemed to be in fit condition. At least it takes a load off my mind for another year.

While I was there I asked what the recommended frequency was for a colonoscopy. He said about 5 years if there has been no symptomatic problems. I guess next year, I will add that to the physical. He said they have new equipment in the hospital for that procedure and it would be cheaper than in Panama City.

You don’t need to worry. I promise that when I get the procedure done, I won’t post the videos on the Internet. Incase you have neglected getting your physical, consider this my prodding for you to get a little professional prodding.

Spaying in Panama

Lee, over at Boquete Guide, posted about a project by Amigos de Animales in Boquete. Spaying activity is getting a lot of attention throughout Chiriquí. Lee writes in the opening paragraph his concern.

I was not sure that it was a noble task in Panama; unless of course the local residents wanted the service.”

My weird mind immediately went off in a different direction than Lee was thinking. Of course Lee meant that the hosting of these events was only good if the locals wanted their pets spayed. When I read this sentence, I read that if the residents wanted to be spayed, then it would be a noble task.

The more I think about it, I am not sure but what the later might make a lot of sense in Panama. Part of the conversation at last night’s get together was about pregnancies among the Panamanian youth. One person at the table mentioned being at an orphanage outside Boquete and a 12-year old girl was nursing her baby. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case. I never cease to be amazed, as I am walking around David, to see young teens carrying a baby down the street and having another bun in the oven.

It is a well-known fact that nine months following the Carnival holiday that the hospitals in Panama are filled with maternity cases. What kind of a future does a young mother of 12, 13, 14, 15 years of age have to look forward to? Furthermore what kind of a future does a baby of one of these mothers have to look forward to? Yes, the spaying of animals in Panama is a worth while cause, but I think there are a few other problems that are just as worrisome.

Obviously I am being facetious about the solution to this problem. I wish I were smart enough to know how to truly solve it. However, if I knew that solution, I would be living in a mansion that would dwarf Bill Gates mansions.

Food Drink and Fellowship

Last night was the Yahoo Gringos in David evening get together. Just like the last time it met, the group met at Panama Bill’s. The restaurant owners were there and it is obvious that they are interested in making sure the food and service are both good. I had the Barbeque Pork sandwich for $4.00. It was good. Others at my table had the ribs and they said they were good also. One person had the Buffalo wings. I asked they were cold since I had heard that complaint several times in the past. The report was that they just right. Someone must be listening. The only complaint I had was related to my diet Pepsi. This is not just a complaint for this restaurant, but one I have for almost all eating places in David.

When I drink a soda, I want to taste the soda. For some reason all restaurants bring you a glass of ice, but in almost every case the glass is half ice and half water. Now who wants to pour their soda into a glass of water and then drink it? Normally, I just leave the glass of ice water sit and drink directly from the bottle or can. However last night the soda container and soda were warm, so the ice was needed. I had to find a place to pour out the water from the glass before I could pour the soda into the glass. My request for the new owners is to cure this problem. If they do, they will be one of the few restaurants in David to do so.

There were a few new faces at Panama Bill’s last night and I enjoyed the conversation. Every now and then I need to get my English fix.