Forget Slacker!

Today I tried the use the Slacker website again and received the following message:

We’re Sorry
Slacker Personal Radio
Is not available in your area.

Slacker Personal Radio is currently available in the United States.

If you are getting this message and are in the United States please use the feedback form to tell us where you are located and the name of your ISP.

I have now written off Slacker. Bye Slacker. You are well named.

8 thoughts on “Forget Slacker!

  1. Don Ray,

    You know I didn’t even bother to try Slacker. I am quite happy with Pandora, so why change?

    Now a potential issue is the recent & ongoing DRM (Digital Rights Management). Some of my favorite radio stations are Clear Channel stations and they no longer broadcast to non US ISPs. Clear Channel claims that they are worried about license restrictions, but they don’t even bother to broadcast their own content.

    I use a terminal server in the US, so I can play various broadcasts through the server in the US on my PC in Panama. Using an alias server in the US will work also. DRM is going to cause bigger problems over time until the media owners figure out that playing field has changed.

  2. I meant proxy server, not alias server – I gotta quit spending so much time with database stuff…Sorry.

  3. I agree with you about the DRM. I have to admit that the all of Vista’s DRM features is the main reason I didn’t buy Vista. I am sick of all the DRM stuff. It was bad enough with the region codes on DVDs.

    I would like to see all of the new Music artists not sign with any agent that is pushing DRM and sell direct to the consumers on the Internet.

    I think they would make more money and the consumer would not have to pay the inflated charges for being held hostage by Sony and others.

  4. Hi Don:

    I don’t know what’s going on with Slacker? I’ve been using it since the day I reviewed it. As a matter of fact, I’m listening to it right now and I’m not located in the U.S.

    There has to be an explanation. I’m sorry about your problem with Slacker.



  5. I get same sentence also with Pandora
    “Is not available in your area.
    Pandora Personal Radio is currently available in the United States.”

    But I use Winamp, it`s very good – classical, world, jazz, oldies and so on, all kind of stations.

  6. Leena, Omar – I don’t understand it. Our IP addresses are obviously not in the US so they have to be looking at something else.

  7. As an update, I have found that Slacker works sometimes and it doesn’t others. I have only used it to listen to some of the comedy stations. For music, I think I still prefer Pandora.

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