You May Obey The Signs, But Will They?

I don’t think many Panamanians observe the traffic signs too religiously. I have been telling myself that I should go to Plaza El Terronal and see how long it would take to get photos showing that the traffic signs were being ignored.

This sign is taken looking toward the InterAmericana Highway from the parking area next to the street. In this photo you can clearly see that it says NO RIGHT TURN.

In the drive going perpendicular to the parking area you see the sign that says DO NOT ENTER.

After I took the two photos above, it was exactly 5 minutes until I took this photo.

Less than five minutes later I took these two photos. You can see a car entering by the sign that says NO RIGHT TURN and proceeding out into the street. Adding to the confusion is the arrow pointing forward. I guess they didn’t have a template for right turn only.

Now these signs are static. They mean the same thing day in and day out. The new electric traffic lights will be dynamic and changing moment by moment. The electric stoplights are currently blinking red and being ignored in one direction and observed like to old static signs in the other directions.

I wish I knew the date they were going to activate the red, yellow, green sequence, because there will be news highlight photos happening. I will bet money on it.

2 thoughts on “You May Obey The Signs, But Will They?

  1. Yeah, but it’s a taxi. He probably knows that they aren’t really serious about the sign.

    One time in a small town I went to see the chief about a parking ticket that I had received. He asked me where I was parked at a particular location; I said, “Right in front of that no parking sign.” He replied, “No wonder you got a ticket.” My answer: “But you know that sign isn’t really serious.” He fixed the ticket.

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