What Is it?

Yesterday I was brought this fruit from Costa Rica. It is shaped like a pear. In Costa Rica it is called a Manzana de agua (water apple). I haven’t tried it so I can’t describe how it tastes.

Are you familiar with these? What is it called in Panama? I know the first word, but not the second. The first word is Marañon.

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  1. Buenos dias Ron,

    I think it is called “maranon curazao” .. 🙂
    If it is a maranon curazao, it is delicious .. very
    soft in taste.



  2. Good Morning Don Ray:
    I am very familiar with the water apple. When we lived in Costa Rica, we had a huge tree in our yard. When the tree is in bloom, the blossoms are like deep pink snowballs. When it sheds, the ground is a blanket of pink. It is really beautiful to see. The fruit always reminded me of a dry apple taste. It is very good. Your picture, however, looks a little different than what our fruit looked like. Ours looked like small reddish pears with white pulp. I guess, there could be different varieties.

  3. Hi Kathy. Thanks for commenting. This is small and pear shaped as well. I took the photo with a macro setting so it looks a little larger than it really is.

    Also the angle was not the best to show the shape.

  4. Hi Don:

    I’m very familiar with this fruit. In Changuinola, where I lived most of my boy’s life, we would eat tons of these fruits until our bellies hurt.

    We call them “manzana rosa” and they come in different shades of red and purple.

    I echo with Kathy about the beautiful flower of this tree. The bottom of the tree literally gets covered with bright pink flowers. I don’t see these trees in Panama City and I haven’t eaten a “manzana rosa” for more than 30 years.

    Thanks for the memories,


  5. Don – There are several of the manzana de agua trees up around where we live in Santa Clara (Rio Serano). They are the light rose colored variety. I find that they actually have a rose-flavor to them. Not that I’ve eaten roses, but I get the taste of how a rose smells.

    On fruits….my biggest surprise was learning about the trees and fruits that produce cashews! The road from San Felix down to Playa Las Lajas is loaded with them. There are trees solely with yellow fruits, and others only with red fruits. The locals collect them, make juice from the fruit, then roast the nuts to sell. Remember – never, ever eat a raw cashew!

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