8 thoughts on “What Is It – Part II.

  1. And we do have a winner. That is the seed of the Water Apple. It is one of the strangest seeds I have ever seen. It is almost like the fruit had a tumor. The seed was about the size of a quarter in diameter.

    The fruit had the texture of a pear. The taste is unique and I liked it. It was a good experience.

  2. I thought it was a kind of muffin. How wrong can anybody be? After I did learn the answer I remembered going into the forest near where I lived as a boy and enjoying the taste of ripe paw paws. It is something like a banana but richer and has a lot of seeds and grows as a small understory plant about 2-3 feet tall.

  3. Hi Abe. It does sort of look like s muffin. I took another photo that is probably of the fruit you described a few weeks back. It was shaped and looked like a banana.

  4. I was on the same tack as Abe – I thought it was one of your Dunkin’ Donuts that had somehow eluded you…

  5. My Google searcher found a couple of pictures at TopTropicals.com + Sysygium cumini. Like Kathy, I thought it was another variety of marañon curazao, and it seems we are on the right track. Those I have seen in Chiriquí are red, not purple. I found the article “Otros Habitantes: El Marañón Curazao” at http://mensual.prensa.com/mensual/contenido/2003/03/23/hoy/revista/916934.html. Curiouos enough, both “marañones” belong to two different families. The one given to Mr. Williams seems Java Plum ( scientific name above), family Myrtaceae, not a real marañón. The other “marañón”, Anacardium occidentale, (rose-apple, mountain-apple,jambosier rouge or pomme de Tahiti) belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. Mr. Lincoln, my first impression was like yours: a muffin ( from Panadería Montes in David), but it didn’t fill the criteria. Mr. Williams, thanks for the hint.

  6. The fruit that this seed came from was in Costa Rica and there they call it Marañón Curazao. All I know it that it was very tasty.

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