Sastreria Union

I had a few projects on my morning list today. One was to have the length on some shorts altered. I went to the Sastreria Union, which is diagonal to Banco Continental and on the same street as Oteima. I went in thinking I would just drop off the pants and come back later, but I got to talk to everyone in the shop and before I knew it my pants were ready. The cost for the alteration was $1.50.

This is the fellow that took care of me. Anytime I get the chance to talk to regular locals, I take advantage of it. It does wonders to help my Spanish both listening and speaking and I think it improves relations between the two cultures.

The shop has a barbershop on the right side and if I had not had a haircut recently, I could have killed two birds with one stone. Haircuts are $1.50, but the barber is not as cute as Yanie.

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  1. Hmmmmm, Don Ray, I thought you told us that your attendance at Yanni’s shop was based on her giving a good haircut. 🙂

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