Learning To Drive In David

Several of you have asked how Natalie was doing on her TOEFL training. She is doing well. I found a formal TOEFL training center in David and she has been going there. I have been supplementing the training, but allowing the experts to do what they do.

As an extra project, I have been teaching Natalie to drive. Learning to drive in a populated area like David is a challenge. There are several things you don’t have to teach in the US that are important in Panama.

In the US, I never had to focus on potholes and paved roads that were constructed with drop-offs on the shoulder. You really have to be careful when you get too close to the shoulder.

Finding an area to practice with little traffic is no small task either. It has been interesting. The other day, we were just driving around the neighborhood when we came upon this situation.

This is something you wouldn’t think of talking about in a in a driver’s training classroom.

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