Tambor New Location

Yesterday I went to Tambor to have a car serviced. If you haven’t been by their new location, they have moved in and their old location is vacant and for rent. The photo above is taken from the front of the new location looking along the InterAmerican Highway toward PriceSmart.

Tambor is one of the most professional service centers in David. It may be a little more expensive than some other locations, but its equipment is first rate. It is the authorized service center for Honda in this part of Panama.

Here are a couple photos of the Tambor service center.

Here are a few photos on the inside.

When you go to arrange your service or pay for your service you will probably talk to Marilin (on the left) or Aida (on the right). If you see them, tell them Don Ray from Chiriqui Chatter said “hola”.

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  1. Looks great. Does anyone there at Tambor speaka da English? I’m learning Spanish but so far my vocabulary does not include technical terms like “that thingamajig” and “whateveryacallit”.

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