Feria Internacional de David 2007

Well, this isn’t going to be easy. I went to the fair today and took over 150 photos. I have put all of the photos in the Chiriquí Chatter photo album. The challenge is to choose a subset to give you a flavor of what the David fair is like.

I really had a great time today. I went early because it was a little overcast and I knew it would be cooler. It was a great day to be out there. However being early (I was there a little after 10AM) you miss out on seeing all the people and the kiddos in the midway area, but if you want some of that you can check out the 2006 fair post and photos.

Let’s go ahead and enter and see what we see.

I will see if I can organize this into categories. I don’t know if it will be better this way or not, but it will be different than last year’s post.

The next few photos are of tractors and heavy equipment.

Next are some photos of scooters, motorcycles and 4 wheelers. I picked this one.

Then the fair has many of the auto dealers (this is one of the best times of the year to get a good deal on a car or truck).

These are Fiats.

The new Suzuki looked sharp.

There were lots of Mitsubishi.

This is the SKODA dealer.

This is the Chinese pickup they carry.

This is the new Daihatsu. It looked sharp on the inside.

This is the new Ford EDGE. It looked very sharp.

This is a previous Ford Model.

These were Chinese SUVs in one of the indoor pavilions.

The new Hyundai Veracruz was very sharp and carried a $40k+ price tag.

Here are some photos taken in the agriculture exhibit.

Also in this area are some ceramics and many flowers.

There are too many places to get food and drink. Photos are in the Photo Album.

I had several cups of agua de pipa mixes with agua de caña.

There were lots of pretty ladies.

There was lots of livestock. Here are a couple photos, but more are in the Photo Album.

And there was livestock competition. Some photos are in the Photo Album

At night there is going to be lots of music and drinking. You can take photos of that part.

There are several good indoor exhibits. Let me focus on one. These gentlemen are preparing to be a part of the Panama National Police. They are students.

They are here to protect a very special exhibit. This is the actual treaty that Jimmy Carter signed that gave control of the Panama Canal back to Panama. The color is strange because they said I couldn’t use flash and I covered the flash with my finger. You can see my lite up finger in the bottom of the photo.

In this case are some documents that were made during the negotiation sessions.

Was that neat or what!

Now for some things that interested me. As I was going through the livestock area, I saw some Black Angus cattle. I stopped and talked to the lady that has the cattle ranch in Volcan raising them. She spoke perfect English. This is one of her bulls.

I told her that I had always liked Angus and that my dad had intended to have the finest Angus ranch in Oklahoma. He was convinced that Angus would revolutionize the beef industry. Unfortunately, he died before he could achieve his dream.

She said her herd comes from Angus brought down to Panama from Oklahoma. Just think, if my dad had is dream come true he might have been the one that she had purchased her cattle from. Boy is it a small world.

She was an extremely nice lady and she invited me up to Volcan to see the ranch and said she had 200 hectares that had been petitioned of as an animal sanctuary. I will try to take her up on that gracious offer one of these days.

While I was talking to her she said that at 12:00PM there was going to be a cattle show and competition in the cattle ring. So after looking at the entire cattle barn, I headed to the show ring.

I was at the show ring at exactly 12:00PM. I got to talk to a photographer for EXPICA. He does a good bit of traveling around Latin America photographing EXPICA events. As the time slipped past one, he said , “You have to remember that 12 in Panamanian time can be up to two hours late. It finally started at about 1:40.

I also had been talking to a nice couple from Panama City that had come to watch the showing of Red Angus. The gentleman had asked me if I was one of the judges for the afternoon. I though this was funny at the time, but then I understood when the judging started. The judge was from Canada and after he judged each event he spoke to the crowd in English. Then a translator repeated what he had said in Spanish. The judge is the fella in the tan shirt and cowboy hat.

I watched one set of judging and the picked the same bull as the judge did for the Grand Champion.

Since the couple sitting next to me had a finca near Panama City, I asked what these champion bulls would sell for. The gentleman said $3,000 to $4,000. Man that is some expensive BULL.

Well after about 4 hours at the fair, it was time for me to head back to the car. I really enjoyed my day. I am not sure I could handle all the revelry that goes on at night, but the daytime activities were great.

Remember that there are many more photos in the Chiriquí Chatter photo album.

7 thoughts on “Feria Internacional de David 2007

  1. Hey Don,

    You are truly the traveling “photographer at large” for the expats.
    Reminds me of the the old county fairs in the states. Thanks for the great pictures as always!


  2. Hi Don,
    I am a native Panamanian from David living abroad. I’ve browsed through your site here and read about Hal and his illness with cancer. My husband and I would like to send a small contribution and would like to know if Western Union works for you. Please reply with the particulars on sending this to you.

    Best Regards,
    Olga Laporte-Timmons

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