Oh Soot II

I received this email this morning:

To: Webmaster
Subject: Need a Favor

Don Ray,
… I just received an E-mail from my renters last nite. They told me that the empty lot next to my house caught fire (local burning brush Beans). It got out of control & almost burned my house down, but lucky the house sits on a higher platform. You’re the only one I know in the David area that has a digital camera. Could you go to my house & take photos of the burnt area next to our house for us? I’ll be indebted to ya. Maybe make an article on “fire safety during the dry season” to alert us gringos…

I drove over to the house and saw the area that had been set on fire. Luckily some one must have gotten involved and put it out or things could have really gotten nasty.

Seeing the area not on fire, my first thought was that it doesn’t look too bad.

Then I talked to the renter and she explained how bad the smoke and flying particles of flaming matter had been and I took a second look.

I think this must have been the area that started the problem.

Then the fire moved to the right and caught this large tree on fire and it was severely burnt.

It also spread to the left and caught this area on fire.

This is a better shot of the affected area.

I don’t think it ever got to the point of being a real threat to the house, but I can imagine how bad it had to be in the house with all the flaming chaff and soot coming toward the house. This area was obviously too close to houses and the person that set it obviously didn’t live in the area, or he would have had more consideration. The fire was about 10 feet to the right side of this photo.

To the person that sent the email – I talked to your renter and gave her one of my cards so she would know why I was there. I didn’t want her worried about some strange gringo taking photos.

4 thoughts on “Oh Soot II

  1. Thanks, Don Ray!

    As usual a detailed account of what the story was and results of what happen.
    Your expertise on reporting was fast, reliable & accurate. If you need a recommendation for CNN, Let me know


  2. It looks like a very nice house that almost got burned but don’t the people living there have water? Or fire extinguisher? I’m only asking because I understand that a lot of garbage is burned in back gardens ? And when everything is dry, one should look out/take notice of danger?

    My comment is not to criticize but just for learning and the pictures are, indeed, very good !


  3. I may be wrong, but I think that the people in the house probably had to get involved to put out the fire. The didn’t start the fire, but were the ones that were affected by it.

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