TexMex Comes To Volcan

My friend Jerry, of Panama End Point, just sent me a copy of the menu and photos of the new “Republic Of Texas Café” in Volcan. Consider this a collaborative effort.

The owner of “The Republic of Texas Cafe, Michael, hails from San Antonio, Texas and has brought the taste of Texas with him. Now, I haven’t had any of his dishes yet, but the menu looks great and all the external indicators look like a winner.

As I sit here reading a copy of the menu, my taste buds are going crazy. Let me give you a preview. The menu is being finalized as I write. Any prices I will quote are the planned prices.

In this section he has, as you would expect, two types of nachos. The first is the traditional cheese or bean and cheese nachos with jalapeno slices ($1.95). The second is “Super Nachos” with beef, chicken, two cheeses, sour cream and jalapenos ($2.95). I’ll stick with the traditional.

You can also get chili con queso ($1.95), a guacamole salad ($1.95 and $2.95), tortilla soup($1.00 and $3.50), a Texas beef soup ($3.50) and for the seafood lovers a shrimp cocktail ($3.50 and $6.50).

In this section, you find CHICKEN FRIED STEAK in the number one position. You couldn’t have a restaurant named “The Republic Of Texas Café” without chicken fried steak and cream gravy ($4.95).

You can also get chicken fried chicken breast ($4.95) and deep fried battered fish fillets ($6.95).

And now for the TexMex entrees. Each one reads just like I would expect for a TexMex menu. I am excited.

Chile Relleno ($4.50),

No 1. Dinner ($4.25) (2 cheese enchiladas with a special chili sauce, Mexican rice, beans and tortillas. YUM!

San Antonio Deluxe Dinner ($6.95) Chili con queso and a bean & cheese chalupa, Cheese enchilada and crispy taco, Mexican rice, beans and tortillas.

There are eleven other TexMex dinners to choose from with prices running from $3.95 to $6.95. All the variety I would have expected. And the tacos are crispy tacos!

Hey, you can even get a T-Bone steak ($10.95) with sautéed onions, Mexican rice, beans or substitute potatoes for the rice.

Here you find five different burgers with the last two being Jalapeno Burgers.

You find the usual drinks as well as fresh made Margaritas ($2.00)

I am glad to see that the menu spells out clearly that if the table has 6 or more persons, then they will add a 15% gratuity. That is reasonable. If Machu Picchu, in Boquete, were as ethical and didn’t hide the fact that they embed gratuity on all bills, I might try there too. Hint Hint.

Here are the hours of operation. You might as well just drive up to Volcan, get a hotel room and try the whole menu.

Here is Michael in the nicely setup kitchen.

Here are a few more photos of the restaurant. I want to thank Jerry for sending me the photos and the menu so I could share it with you. If only he could send me an enchilada plate via email.

Remember that the first day of operation will be this Friday! Jerry promised to go try it out and take some photos. Of course I will not take Jerry’s word for it and will schedule some weekend to go up and try it out myself.

Here are Jerry’s directions to get to the restaurant:

Straight through Volcan towards Serreno. It is on the right in New California just before Berard’s grocery store.

Now my poem (TexMex Mexican Food) can be re-read.

21 thoughts on “TexMex Comes To Volcan

  1. Um, it’s actually on the left just before Berard’s grocery. You wanta be looking in the correct direction or you could sail right past it.

    See ya’ll there.

  2. If y’all didn’t read my post on Gringos in David and other groups, I’ll repeat here. Yesterday Michael invited eight of us for a gratis “trial run” lunch. We drooled all over the table as the wait staff brought out plate after plate of just about everything Tex-Mex that will be served. A couple of the foods, the beans in particular, need a little adjusting, but that’s why Michael invited us: to get our comments and improve what needs it. The chips, salsa, tacos, and cheese enchiladas were especially outstanding in my opinion.!

    Friday night, March 16th is a grand-opening bash and it would be worthwhile for Tex-Mex lovers in David to come on up to Volcan at 5:00 p.m.. There will be FREE appetizers all evening – quesadillas, flautas, chili con queso, and several different kinds of nachos. From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. you can also get FREE drinks: sodas, beer, wine, margaritas. After 6:00 p.m., drinks will be at regular prices – which are a lot less expensive than I’ve seen just about anywhere, especially for the wine and the hi-balls and margaritas.

    Michael will then be open on Saturday ready to serve the regular menu.

    Y’all come!

  3. CHICKEN FRIED STEAK!!!! There is nothing better in this world than Chicken Fried steak, mashed potatoes and pan gravy…If this even hints of Tex-Mex we will drive all the way from Boquete for good homestyle cooking.

    Someone please go and give us a rave review so we can plan a trip for Sunday.

  4. Re post #6 – I agree, Don Ray, I would not drive to David from Volcan at that time of day either. But do come up to Volcan soon for lunch, and let me know when you’re coming. 6642-0036 or viajar2566@yahoo.com. I’d enjoy meeting you and perhaps joining you and others from David for lunch at the Republic of Texas Cafe. I’ll be eating there often!

    Dinah, I’ve not yet had the chicken fried steak – it was not served when we had our complementary “trial run” lunch on Wednesday. That was a blessing because the eight of us were stuffed to the gills and in no way could we finish the Tex-Mex food that they served us – but I’ll let you know my opinion on the chicken fried steak when I do try it! The good thing is that Michael is receptive to suggestions. If anyone thinks something needs improvement, he listens. And with a new restaurant, I’m sure there are many things that need “tweaking” at first.

    By the way, Don Ray, thanks for all the great work you do on your blog!


  5. Michael won’t have chicken fried steak this week end. He’s still working out all the details for the new restaurant, but he tells me it will be available the following week end. We will certainly send a review as soon as we can try the chicken fried steak and gravy!


  6. OK, here’s my newest idea for the perfect Central American appetizer, that might work well for Tex-Mex; Loaded Petacones –
    petacones with bits of bacon, melted cheese, and ranch dressing. The perfect (though seriously unhealthy) accompaniment to beer.
    Do with it what you may.

  7. We just got back from Volcan and had lunch at the Republic of Texas Cafe.

    It was delicious! The homemade chips and salsa had to be refilled three times.

    We had a #10 combination which was way too much to eat but we fought hard and were able to get it all down…It included two hard chicken tacos, two enchilladas with chili sauce, beans and rice. All for $6.95. The chili sauce on the enchilladas is very good!

    We also had an order of the fried fish and french fried Yucca. Served with warm tortillas it we were quick to make fish tacos out of them.

    It was well worth the trip. The staff is very friendly. The only drawback was they are not yet serving the Chicken Fried Steak. Michael is trying to get the staff use to the Tex-Mex items first and then will introduce them to the Chicken Fried Steak.

    We will definitely be making the trek back to Volcan from Boquete.

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