Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Revisited

Back on the 24th of February, I wrote about discovering a Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market in David. This may have been here for a long time and I just had never driven that way early enough on a Saturday to see it.

Today I got up early with the objective of going to see it. I wound up with many small bags of all sorts of produce. It was really worth going. This is a small market of I would guess about 20 stands. Next time I will try to remember to count. There are stands to the left rear and to the right front that aren’t shown in this photo.

Besides food items there were also tables selling all sorts of plants.

Fresh cut flowers.

These two plants were quite interesting. I like the leaves on the first one.

The next on had these strange white pods.

They had fresh cilantro and basil and other herbs.

Plenty of watermelons (sandia). I bought one of those for $1.50. It was pretty large, but the best part is the quality. These were from San Lorenzo, which is out of David toward Panama City.

They were selling the smaller pineapples six for a dollar and the large pineapples three for a dollar.

Nice peppers.

Lots of different fruits and berries.

Various breads and cookies.

Here is a close-up of one of the bags in the table above. Cashews.

This is a table of fresh sugar cane sugar (dulce). $1 a bag. It makes wonderful syrup for pancakes.

You can even buy some fresh butchered meat if you are inclined. I think this was pork.

More vegetables.

Fresh eggs.

Various types of beans.

More vegetables.

I got down to one of the last spots and saw this strange looking fruit. I asked what it was and it is a guaba.

When I asked what it was the nice fellow there reached down and grabbed one and opened it up and told me to try it. It is interesting. It was sweet and each section contained a huge seed. He then grabbed a small banana that he called by a different name and pealed it and gave it to me to eat. I asked how much for the two items and he said, “No, it is a gift”. He was from Volcan.

I probably bought 15 small bags of various things today. I liked the market and will return. The prices along with the quality are as good as I have seen.

To get to the Saturday Morning Farmers Market, it is behind the Municipal Building and across the street from the main David Library.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Revisited

  1. Great pictures, and great prices, too! Those crescent-shaped pods, by the way, are not guavas but guabas, also known as the ice cream bean.

  2. Mary thanks for leaving a comment. Thanks also for correcting the name. I have changed it in the post now. If I were better with all of these tropical fruits, I would have known better. They do sound alike to this gringo’s ear.

  3. Great Pictures…..your friend deserves a “mark of distinction” from all your readers because of his kindness!
    The Farmers Market Pix’s are great!

  4. Hello Don: the picture of the white pods is called “planta de huevo” it starts being white and as time goes by it turns yellow until it falls to the ground. The picture of the plant before the white pods, is called “cruz de caravaca”.

    Great pictures, I feel as if I went though the whole farmer’s market!

  5. Lilia – thanks for helping with the plant names. Funny, I had thought to myself that the pods looked like hardboiled eggs. I guess that is where the name comes from.

  6. I really enjoy coming to this site as there is so much to learn from it. The fruit and veg looks so nice and fresh I could do with some right now. Here in England you cannot compare with those pictures.

    Don is there a market for fresh fish in David or Boquete?

  7. Pearl – Well, I wouldn’t call it a fish marker because it doesn’t have a display counter, but there is a place that sells fresh fish and seafood on the left side of the street ast you are driving toward the airport. I will try to remember and take a photo of it one of these days.

    Also Romero, Super Bary and Ell Rey all have pretty good seafood areas.

    Anyone else should feel free to jump in and say where you are finding your fresh fish.

    Melissa – Thanks for dropping in. Yes, I am happy I found out about this Saturday Market. Everything I bought there was really good.

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