They’re Back!

Dengue MeterAs you drive toward downtown David, via Obaldia just prior to Romeros, the city has erected a mosquito meter.

The message on the right of the gauge says, “Protect your city from Dengue”. If you look at the current reading it lists the risk for Dengue as “High Risk”. If you are living in an area with a lot of trash on the ground that can collect water, it will breed the Dengue mosquitoes very quickly.

In the recent years, Panama and much of Latin America have had many infections and several deaths as a result of Dengue.

The Dengue warning has been posted. Remember to squash those suckers prior to their injecting you.

Better yet, use a lot of “Off”. 🙂

8 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. I walked all over downtown Panama City and the TRASH was horrible! They make a decent attempt to “BAG” their garbage for pick up but they have NO containers for the bags (can) and when left on the curb the first thing that happens is all the stray cats and dogs rip open the bags and then EVERY BODY’S disgusting garbage is EVERYWHERE cooking in the HOT sun! Really made my sick to my stomach and thousands of locals have walk to work each day in this DUMP!

  2. Thanks for that picturesque image. Unfortunately I am just getting ready for breakfast.

    Here they do a pretty good job of protecting the trash until it is picked up. At least in the residential areas.

  3. There is a huge dengue outbreak right now in Paraguay where 150,000 people are estimated to have it and at least 15 people have died of Dengue Hemorrhagico, although the last I read the government only confirms 15,000 cases.

    We have the same trash situation here in Honduras, along with discarded tires and pilas collecting water. The newspapers do try to educate people, but unfortunately, the government seems bent on combating it by fumigating homes with who-knows-what chemical. Then they run out of money for the poison and shrug their shoulders.

    In my opinion spraying houses is about as effective as running down the street with a fly swatter to rid the earth of flies — not to mention how many people they are poisoning with the chemical. I doubt that they warn the people that they should cover their food before and wash their dishes afterward.

  4. Hi Gringa. There has been a quite a bit of education put out to the people here over the last few years. I just hope it is taking.

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