Restaurante Rico Mar Revisited

I had a meeting close to the Restaurante Rico Mar around noon. After the meeting, I decided to try out the new restaurant. I ordered a pepper steak.

As you can see from the plate, the meat is cut thin which is good, because most beef around here is a little tough. I think they called a pepper steak because it is covered with pepper gravy. The gravy had a very good flavor and I enjoyed it. I think it was a little over $5.

For dessert they had lemon pie. I ordered it because I am still looking for a good lemon pie. Well I am still looking. The pie was the typical Panamanian lemon pie. It had a very thick texture, thicker than a flan. The flavor was pretty typical of all the lemon pies I have had here in Panama. The main meal had real silverware, but the pie was served with a plastic spoon. That helped to lower my expectation of what was to come.

Even though the AC was running, it was pretty warm in the restaurant. If you go, I recommend getting a table that is directly in front of the AC.

I should correct an impression I left on my first write-up of the restaurant. While the menu has a reasonable amount of choices the majority of the menu is made up of photos of various entrées.

All in all it wasn’t a bad restaurant, I will return and the next time, I will try the seafood.

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