Multiple Fairs Coming To The David Area

David International fairThe 52nd International Fair of David will run from March 15th through March 25th.

This fair is really a big deal and there will be a bigger turnout than there was for Carnival.

For my 2006 visit to the David Fair go here.

On a smaller scale, but of local interest, there was a post in the Gringos of David Yahoo group about a fair in Playa Barquete this coming Sunday

I don’t know if I will get to go or not. I have tentative plans to drive to Chiriquí Grande that day, but if my plans change, I will check out the Feria. Here is the Yahoo post.

First Feria de la Playa Barqueta

Come enjoy some sun and surf at the first Feria de la Playa
Barqueta! This event will take place on Sunday March 11 from 9 am to
6 pm. Stroll among shaded tables where local artisans will be
selling their crafts, while enjoying good food and cold drinks. Later
in the afternoon (around 5 pm), Proyeccion Folklorica, a youth dance
group will put on a special performance of tipico dance and music. A
disco in the evening will round out the day’s event for all you young-

To get here, simply make your way to the Las Olas Resort. Once the
road terminates in a “T” take a right and continue on that road just
a bit until you come to any of the 3 tipico restaurants on your left-
hand side. Vendors will be dispersed throughout the 3 locations and
parking is available.

This is a community effort, organized by the Peace Corps, CREA
(Conservation through Research, Education, and Action) and the
Antonio Anguizola Foundation. 10% of revenue generated will go
toward the La Barqueta Sea Turtle Project. There is NO COST for
admission or parking but we will be charging $1.00 admission for the
disco to cover equipment rental costs.

For those of you who’d rather leave the driving to us, there will be
a bus (albeit on a limited schedule)departing from and returning to
Boquete with stops in Dolega and David to pick up and discharge feria
passengers along the way.

The scedule is as follows: Sunday, March 11

1st bus will depart Boquete (Parque Central) at 8:00 am
Stop in Dolega (via Boquete) at 8:30 am
Stop in David (front of church at Parque Cervantes) at 9:00 am
Arrive at La Barqueta at 10:00 am

A later bus will depart Boquete at 2:30 pm
Stop in Dolega at 3:00 pm
Stop in David at 3:30 pm
Arrive at La Barqueta at 4:30 pm

From La Barqueta back to Boquete:
1st bus will depart La Barqueta at 12 noon
Stop in David (Parque Cervantes) at 1:00 pm
Stop in Dolega (Via Boquete) at 1:30
Arrive in Boquete (Parque Central) at 2:00 pm

A later bus will depart La Barqueta at 7 pm
Stop in David at 8:00 pm
Stop in Dolega at 8:30 pm
Arrive in Boquete at 9:00 pm

Fares for the bus will be $2.00 per person round-trip from Boquete,
$1.50 per person round-trip from Dolega and $1.00 per person round-
trip from David, to cover fuel expenses.

Members of the local communities are aware of our sea turtle
conservation efforts and are showing their support by their
participation and donation of a percentage of proceeds. So, come on
out and show your support for their efforts! Come dressed for fun in
the surf or pool and bring your appetite for good food and Panamanian

3 thoughts on “Multiple Fairs Coming To The David Area

  1. Don,
    As a Newbie to the area, and near future homeowner, do you have more info on this whole fair? I am reading what I can, where I can, but it is tough to follow, especially where most of the ‘events’ will be held.. As it is tough to get maps on David, any tips would help..
    Thanks a bunch

  2. The fair area is easy to find. Find McDonald’s and follow all the people.

    Kidding aside, from McDonalds’s you can see the store Poderoso. Follow the road beside it and you will be there.

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