Restaurante Rico Mar in David

I was running several errands this afternoon and I noticed a new restaurant. It is located on the corner just past Hotel Panama Rey and cattycornered to Centro Médico Cattín. I went in an introduced myself to Mr. Espinales. The restaurant has been open eight days. It has international meals and as you would expect from the name of the restaurant many seafood choices.

You can see from these two photos that the dining area is very nice.

I looked at the menu, which is about ¾ of an inch thick. The pages are laminated to protect them which accounts for part of the size, but it is still a very large menu. All of the prices that I saw were very reasonable. This is definitely on my “go there and eat” list.

If you drop in, tell El Dueño, Juan Espinales, that you heard about the restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

8 thoughts on “Restaurante Rico Mar in David

  1. We are new to the area and don’t know where the Hotel Panama Rey is, nor Centro Medico Cattin. Would like to go there for dinner. Can you be more explicit in directions? Thanks.

  2. Take the one way street by Parque Cervantes that heads toward the airport. You will see Hotel Panama Rey (the tallest building around) on your left in a block or two.

  3. I have been preparing a trip to David for the entire next week. My wife is participating actively as an organizer of an event that will take place in Concepcion on October 6th (Dia del Productor) but a previous meeting about that matter forced us to go to David the last weekend.

    We arrived to David, late on Friday. It was almost 10:30 PM when we get into Rico Mar Restaurant and knowing that the restaurant was almost closing, tired of driving I asked to a lady if we could take a dinner there and she kindly answer me that there was no problem.

    I am a meat lover and honestly I felt in love with the photo of the Pepper Steak that you mentioned in one of your posts and just when I was going to ask it, my wife jumped on me telling me that the grilled fish filet would be a great choice for me. She picked on the “al ajillo” fish filet and she wanted to taste both of them. She says “my love, you eat meat in Panama and come to here to eat meat?” You know the end of the history: both of us took fish for dinner, but in different presentations. =(

    Anyway, as we are going to David for a entire week, I wont have a doubt to get my Pepper Steak, basically because beyond be a meat lover, I love that kind of hot taste.

    Certainly, the restaurant environment is very comfortable. I loved the place, the staff, the prices and of course the fact that they allowed us to eat there when they were going to close.

    Thanks Don Ray for your post about this restaurant. It was very useful for me, even when you say that your blog should not be considered a guide. Some of your comments have been a good guide for me, while preparing my coming trip.


    p.s.: the pepper steak is still at $5.20 just if someone else is interested, haha.

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