Concepcíon Sol de Mar Restaurante

It has been over three years since I have been to the Sol de Mar restaurant in Concepcíon/Bugaba. It was as good as I remembered it. As the sign says, this is primarily a seafood restaurant (Marisqueria). The menu seemed to be a little larger in selection than I remember, but it has been a long time so maybe I have forgotten.

As you can see from the following two photos, it is an open air restaurant and it was quite pleasant at 2:00 PM yesterday.

One thing you will notice about the restaurant is the beautiful wood that has been used throughout the area.

I started off with a lemonade. Not because life has been giving me lemons, I just like it.

For the main dish we all shared a fresh seafood order. I think it was called “cosuela del marisco”, but I could be wrong. It cost approximately $10.

In the past I usually ate one of the stuffed corvine dishes, but I wanted to try something different. This was very good and ample for three of us. For sides we had French fries (fresh cut) and patacones.

This was a nice outing for a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant is on the InterAmerican highway and on the right side of the road just after Concepcíon.

I noticed a new restaurant on the same highway prior to Concepsíon that is on my list of “restaurants to be tried”. It is always good to have a new place in the queue.

13 thoughts on “Concepcíon Sol de Mar Restaurante

  1. looks great…do they have any cafeteria style restaurant’s in David? I ate at a few in PC and was very impressed with the large menu, prices and cleanlinesses of the establishment. I will need somebody to cook for me, I like to eat out but after a while its gets to be a hassle.

  2. There are many cafeteria style restaurants. Most feature the traditional Panamanian food and nothing very exotic. Hotel Puerta del Sol and Hotel National have buffet lunches and are very good.

  3. You need to post some eating horror storys too Don…to be “Fair and Balance”. I had what was called chicken soup at the Hotel Euro (actually pretty nice place) You might as well of had “Fish Hooks” in chicken broth…terrible! Take every worthless bone from the chicken boil it in water and serve it up and hope your guests (children) don’t choke to death!

  4. Pretty good place to eat, Had the Creole Shrimp over rice, lots of shrimp & decent price.

  5. SE, I post my horror stories. Maybe you need to read the first post on Panama Bill’s.

    Gary – I also thought the prices were very reasonable. I have only eaten there about 4 times, but it has always been worth the trip and the money.

  6. When we went there the food took a long time to serve and the fish was raw. I have not been back. Perhaps that day the cook was drunk and the waiter cooked. I might try it again, but it was not a good experience. It was many months ago when we ate there.

    Bob Ratliff

  7. Hi Bob,

    I have eaten there many times and have never had a bad meal. Depending on the amount of people in the restaurant, it can take a while, but that has happened to me in many restaurants in Panama that are small scale. They usually have one cook and one stove.

    If the food was not cooked, I would have sent it back. It is still one of my favorite restaurants and the best I know of in the Concepcion area.

  8. Honestly speaking my wifes family lives not 2 blocks down the road from that resturant , and very time we go to panama, we eat there and get the corvina.

  9. Hi PT. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I always enjoy my meal there. However, I have to say that most of the time, I have ordered the fried shrimp.

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