Chiriquí Chatter Photo Albums

The Chiriquí Chatter photo albums, with the latest additions, have over 1,700 photos and has been viewed over 48,000 times. It is organized by year and then albums within that year. The first year of photos is 2003. You can see many changes in Boquete when you compare the 2003 photos to what is in Boquete today.

While many of the photos appear in the daily blog, there are many that only are in the albums. The photo albums can be accessed by the tab at the top of the web page or by clicking here.

The best Boquete Flower photos are probably contained in the 2005 album. That was the year of the major rain/flood and within hours of the photos, most of the flowers were damaged.
I try to keep the album up to date and photos are added on a frequent basis.

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