Time For A Virtual Vacation

If you happen to be living in Panama City or David, Chiriquí then you are probably ready for some cooler weather and some other sights.

When I start to feel that way, I can get my “coolness” fix by visiting a website of one of my blogging friends.

Leena lives in Finland and has a daily photo blog where she posts photos of what is happening in her part of the world. Her photos are always exceptional and, this time of year, you can almost imagine frost forming on your monitor as you travel with her on her daily journeys. Check out her temperature map while you are at it.

I invite you to see Finland through Leena’s eyes.
Finland through Leena's eyes

2 thoughts on “Time For A Virtual Vacation

  1. Thank you Don, I am flattered 🙂
    But I think, your readers are not very enthusiastic about so cold weather , where we live here.

    Thanks anyway. ( My grandchild and dog got to Panama , fine )

  2. Your cold weather scenes are always a pleasure to see. When I visit there, I think I will choose a warmer season though.

    Glad your family and canine made it fine.

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