James Dean Said It Best

By Don Ray Williams
March 4, 2007

As James Dean was known to say
“Dream as if you will live forever,
Live as if you will die today.”

Imprint those words within your mind,
To remind yourself of,
The best way to spend your time.

Putting off till tomorrow will leave things undone,
That will only cause regret,
When your time has come.

Tell those you love, how much you care.
This is time well spent,
While you are here.

Enjoy each day as it were the last,
The time is now,
Which is tomorrow’s past.

James Dean

8 thoughts on “James Dean Said It Best

  1. That’s one of my favourite lines, and one that I live by. Excellent adivce! I’ve seen to many people living in fear, or living only for the future, and then die without having enjoyed life.

  2. The phrase “Live young die young…” was originally in the 1949 Bogart movie “Knock on any Door.” It became a catch phrase for many kids in the fifties.

  3. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for dropping in.

    I never liked it phrased that way. However, I think if you are going to die young, it is better that you have lived.

  4. I have never been much fascinated by Hollywood celebrities…although believe it or not…I did stand in the immigration line at Harts field Atlanta next to Angelina Jolee, Brad Pitt and all those mongrel kids of her were no where to be found.

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