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Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

I happened to be by the David Library this morning and noticed that there were several small stands set up with several of the farmers selling their products. I got there a little after 12:00 PM and some were closing up. I asked and found out that the venders arrive about 6:00 AM and stay until 12:00 PM or when they run out of products. I will have to get up earlier one Saturday and go when all the stands are well stocked.

I picked up several things including a bag of new beans, which look like they would be perfect for chili. I think another batch of my chili is not far off. I also got a couple bags of what appears to be raspberries.

I took this photo of some small papayas that I thought were interesting. This is a close-up and the fruit is no more than two inches long. To the upper right you can see a small onion to help you gauge the size.

small Papayas

Cultural Differences: Greetings (Honduras and Panama)

One of my favorite blogs to read is a blog called La Gringa’s Blogicito and it contains the daily musings of a gringa living in Honduras. I enjoy La Gringa’s writing style and her adventures with her garden, her dogs, her chickens and observations of living in Honduras.

In a recent post that she did, she wrote about cultural differences that she has observed, specifically “Greetings”.

All of the things she mentions are also accepted and practiced in Panama, so I thought I would point you to her post in case you are considering visiting or moving to Panama. This will acclimate you some of the customs and some phrases you will encounter.

To go to her post, click here.

Army Reservists Dies in Traffic Accident

Here is an article from the Associated Press on the traffic accident I wrote about the other day. My prayers go out to their families.

The Associated Press
3:11 p.m. February 23, 2007
PANAMA CITY, Panama – Two U.S. soldiers died and two others were injured in a traffic accident in northwestern Panama, emergency personnel reported Friday.

The U.S. Embassy identified the dead as Christopher Conn, of California, and Brad A. Svoboda, of Maine. Details on their hometowns or units were not immediately released.

The Army reservists were traveling in a Humvee on Thursday when it was struck by a truck near the town of Miramar, about 300 miles west of the capital.

One of the reservists was declared dead at the scene and another died hours later, said Roberto Velasquez, director of the National Civil Protection System.

Two other reservists suffered less severe injuries in the crash, the embassy said. A Panamanian traveling in the Humvee was also injured, as well as the driver of the truck.

In the western province of Bocas del Toro, reserve units are building schools and health clinics, and providing medical assistance for local residents.

Art Exposition at Museo La Casona

Antonio Singh sent me an email about an upcoming art exposition entitled “The artist of the Musas and Magic” which will be at the Museo La Casona. If you have never been to Museo La Casona, it is a worthwhile trip independent of the art exhibit. Tell Dr. Mario Jose Molina Castilla that you learned of the exhibit from Chiriquí Chatter. Below is Virgilio Castillo whose work will be on exhibit.

Continue reading Art Exposition at Museo La Casona

Saturday Downtime

I received the following email from my hosting provider that they are going to be doing significant maintenance on Saturday. I am really pleased to have been warned and this is one time they won’t see any trouble tickets from me.


Thursday, February 22, 2007.


Dear Customers,

Vistapages will under go power maintenance on Saturday, February 24th, 2007. Starting at roughly 10AM EST through 4PM EST, customers will experience intermittent service. The total downtime period for any server will be no more than 15 minutes for the entire maintenance period. This is part of our effort to ensure that our customers enjoy fast and reliable service, all the time!

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance, please contact us by submitting a ticket via

We thank you for your patience and your understanding.


Kaumil Patel, President – Vistapages, Inc.

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Yahoo Group Meeting at Panama Bills

Last night many of the Gringos in David Yahoo group met at Panama Bill’s. I normally don’t care to get out in the evening, but my past experience was so bad at Panama Bills, that I had to go to see if the new management had any effect on the quality of the food.

I ordered the barbeque pork sandwich and was pleased with it. The size was reasonable and the flavor was good. It came with French fries and coleslaw for $4.00. Others at my table ordered tacos and they were happy with them.

Other comments that I heard were that the beer could have been colder (isn’t that always the case), but most were satisfied with what they ordered. The tables were round so it wasn’t as convenient to pull them together as in the places that have square tables.

I liked the food well enough that if I am in that area around lunchtime someday I will probably try it again.

As you can tell from the following photo, we met in the outdoor area.

The bar area has a tropical theme and those, at my table, told me that the piña coladas were good.

If you tried the old Panama Bills and were as displeased, as I was, you should have a different experience this time. Time will tell, but it was a big improvement for me over my last visit.

Morning News

I was just listening to the morning news on TV and one of the US Army personal working in Chiriquí Grande on a public works project was killed in an auto accident yesterday.

When I heard the news, I was shocked and saddened. The other day I had met several of the members of this team in David. They had come to David to speak with the contractor that was going to supply them with concrete.

Every one of them that I had spoken to was very likable and they had invited me to come over some day and see what they were doing. I was thinking about doing that and taking some photos of their project.

From what I saw on the TV their hummer tangled with a large truck and the hummer got the worst of it. I could tell that they were a close knit team and my heart goes out to them in this time of sadness.

Cable Onda Special

I just found out that Cable Onda has a special going and you can get the following channels for $25 a month for a year. I guess I need to go down and check with them and get some more specifics.

I understand also that they are supposed to be charging $33 a month for 512Kbps Internet connection. I need to check on that as well.